I started running in 2013. Until this time i had never considered myself a runner and actually hated running. I’m not sure what changed but i’m glad it did! I enjoy sharing my thoughts, training, and experiences through my blog and encouraging and supporting others in their running journeys.

My running accomplishments include traversing the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim, running the Gorge Waterfalls 100km, completing 10 Grouse Grinds in one day, and finishing the 250 km, 7-day TransAlpine Run from southern Germany through Austria to northern Italy.

During the work week, I convince coworkers and friends to join me for lunch runs along the seawall in downtown Vancouver. On weekends, I can be found running the North Shore mountains with my trail family. I take pride in being very involved in the local running community, both as a runner and serial volunteer.



  1. I love your tag line; it’s so cute! 😀

    Stranger Than Fiction was a great movie, and I really like that quote! 😛

    1. Thanks! When I introduce myself I sometimes get asked “like the cheese??” so I decided just to embrace it!

      Stranger Than Fiction and I Heart Huckabees are two of my favourite movies and practically no one has heard of them! Love the existentialist themes and they both have amazing casts too.

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