How I Became a Vegan

Happy New Year!

My resolution for the new year (only coincidentally, as it happened to occur at this time) is to become a vegan. How did I come to the realization that I would like to cut meat and eventually all animal products out of my diet?

First off, you should know that I was vegetarian to varying degrees (I ate seafood during some of this time) for about seven years. I only returned to eating meat a couple years ago. Why? I can list a bunch of excuses but really, I just got lazy.

On December 29th, 2012, I was told a story of how a friend’s dad, when faced with pancreatic cancer, had altered his diet drastically at the suggestion of a naturopath. He cut out red meat and dairy and was only eating organic plant-based products (fruit, veggies, grains) and organic chicken. At his next doctor’s appointment, they told him that his cancer had not progressed and the man attributed this to his new diet. I had previously heard rumblings of alternative ways can help treat cancer but immediately dismissed it as impossible. But now, to have heard someone I know advocate diet for cancer treatment, gave it a little credibility.

THEN, on New Year’s Eve, I was at a small get-together and the hosts had prepared vegan tacos with all the fix’ns. It was delicious and made me reminisce about my vegetarian days. A few of us discussed the subject of vegetarian/vegan lifestyles and I was recommended to watch Vegucated, a documentary on the subject of veganism which is on Netflix.

The next day, my boyfriend (also previously a vegetarian) and I watched the documentary which touched on a few of the reasons to not eat animal products including animal welfare and the in-humane standards of slaughterhouses, health, and land usage.

This movie reawakened our desire to be vegetarian and furthermore brought to our attention the benefits of being vegan. We immediately stopped eating meat and decided that we would transition into a vegan lifestyle as we researched it more and learned how to cut out animal products while still meeting nutrition requirements.

I proceeded to purchase and download an e-version of The China Study (a book mentioned in the film) and began to read it. I was immediately interrupted by my e-readerless boyfriend who insisted upon reading over my shoulder … which was both adorable and incredibly inefficient! We continued to spend our evenings reading this book (on separate devices) and discussed interesting tidbits from it. This book only confirmed my decision to be vegetarian/vegan.

And that’s where my story of how I became vegan ends, or rather, where it begins. I have created this blog to share with you my findings and progress during my ongoing journey of healthy and cruelty-free eating. I hope you find it useful!


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