Movie Review: Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change (available on Netflix) was the second nutrition and diet documentary that I watched since the new year began. It discusses the link between food and health.

Several nutritionists, authors, and long-time dieters are interviewed and offer perspectives on their journey to healthy eating. Many of them make the comparison between sugar and drugs. Now a nutrition author, one lady describes her previous addiction to junk food by telling a story about how she would throw food in the garbage in order to prevent her from eating it, but then would later pull it back out and eat it. It was so bad that she began spraying Windex on the food before she threw it out so she wouldn’t be tempted to go back for it. Another nutrition expert states that parents who give their kids sugary snacks might as well just shoot them up too while their at it.

Probably the most interesting and useful part of the movie is when the tactics employed by food corporations are discussed, as well as some ingredients to avoid.

The movie got a little repetitive toward the end and regurgitated a lot of the information already out there but if you have Netflix, I’d say it is probably worth a watch.


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