My Great Canadian Adventure

In about mid-May I stumbled upon an Air Canada seat sale and couldn’t resist going on a little trip! I had been meaning to visit some of my friends in Calgary, where I went to school, and I had also been wanting to visit a good friend of mine, Andrea, who has been living in Ottawa for the past few years. I figured if I was going to make a trip, I might as well do both!

I flew out to Calgary on Monday, May 23, for a quick three-day stint where I visited my friends Cory and Amanda. My visit consisted of a walk through Prince’s Island Park in downtown Calgary, a trip to the Calgary Zoo (to see my good friends, the hippos), and horse-back riding in Airdrie, interspersed with eating and beers.

On Thursday, I departed for Ottawa on a midnight flight. I was lucky enough to make it on the very full plane but unlucky enough to get a seat in the very back of the plane which didn’t recline. However, this didn’t foil my plan to sleep the entire flight! I fell asleep during take up and didn’t wake up until we were beginning our decent into Ottawa.

Another friend of mine, Chelsea, flew to Ottawa that night from Vancouver and had already arrived by the time I reached Andrea’s loft above ByWard Market at about 6am. Shortly after my arrival, Andrea left for work and Chelsea and I drifted in and out of sleep until it was a decent hour to get on with our day.

We finally dragged ourselves out of bed, got dressed, left Andrea’s air conditioned apartment, and bee-lined it to Parliament using a hand-drawn map Andrea had left for us. When we arrived, we were told that they were not doing any tours that day because the President of Chile was visiting so we hopped on an aquabus and did a little sightseeing around Ottawa and Gatineau instead.

We went back to Parliament the next day and did the free tour. It was just a quick tour but very interesting. We opted to go up the clock tower at the end and the view was incredible!

On Saturday, we all rented a car and drove to Montreal for the weekend where we ate at a restaurant run by a chef school, L’Académie. We were seated on the patio at first but the weather took a turn for the worse and the fast-approaching thunderstorm forced us to move inside. After dinner we headed down the block to The Sir Winston Churchill Pub, where there happened to be a live band performing, and then finished up the night at Club Electric Avenue.

We walked around Old Montreal on Sunday, returned to L’Académie for lunch, and then headed back to Ottawa.

After, a fun-filled vacation, Chelsea and I spent the last day of our trip lazing about and shopping at the nearby mall. We flew out that evening and landed at YVR late Monday night where my boyfriend was waiting to pick us up. It was a great trip but we were exhausted and happy to be back home.


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