Training for a Half Marathon

In late May, my boyfriend and a few of his friends ran the Abbotsford Run for Water half marathon. It was a very wet and rainy day, which I had not dressed for when we left the house half asleep at the crack of dawn.

The Run for Water was a small to medium sized event with a handful of vendors and a small crowd of spectators. I was one of the lucky few who had to kill about two hours before I could watch everyone cross the finish line.

After about 5 minutes I had seen all the vendors, only one of which was serving food. It was a hot dog booth and was definitely not vegan-friendly. With nothing else to do I stood on the saturated, grassy field wondering when my boots would soak through.

When people started crossing the finish line for the 10k race I moseyed over to watch. It was great to see the participants so happy and determined to finish the race and all the spectators cheering them on during their final stretch. At one point, a lady who was having a hard time finishing her 10k narrowly missed puking on my feet but she carried on and finished.

The whole time I was standing in the rain, hungry and grumpy, I kept thinking to myself that I might as well be running the damn race. I was wet, miserable, sore from standing in the same spot for so long, and had received none of the satisfaction that came from accomplishing a long and difficult run.

That’s how I decided to start running. If my boyfriend was planning to do any more races in the future, I wanted to participate in them and not just stand around on the sidelines. Plus after seeing his medal, I decided I could use some bling!

I did a couple 5k runs at first and, to my surprise, I found that I was running them somewhat comfortably. So I decided to start a 16-week half marathon training plan.

I’m over two weeks into the plan and my longest run so far 8k. I have been enjoying the exercise and I feel great! I am excited to try to run 10k this weekend, which will be the furthest I’ve ever run!


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