Six Months Vegan

I don’t have much to update on actually. It’s been more of the same … veggies, fruit, beans, lentils, rice, and such. I’m still loving it and I feel great. My iron levels are good (as determined by my screening for blood donation).

I have recently, however, discovered Boston Pizza’s Mediterranean pizza. It has artichokes, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms and is still amazing if you hold the cheese.

I also enjoy making my own vegan pizza with pizza crust from Cob’s Bread. I make my own tomato sauce in  my Vitamix (just tomatoes, garlic, and spices) and chop up whatever vegetables I happen to have on hand. If I have Daiya cheese in the fridge I use it, if not I go cheeseless. Either way it is delicious!



  1. Congrats on making it so far!! I have just gone ‘vegan’ for this week while Adam is away and so far I feel awesome. I am basically a vegan before dinner, since I have a dairy and egg allergy I switched to almond milk for smoothies/cereal and never eat cheese. I only ate meat with dinner usually. I also wondered about Iron, adam actually asked me last week about my iron levels and said I probably have low iron. I’ll have to see! I’ll be posting a week recap on my blog with the recipes I made for the week =) ps. So jealous of your vitamix! I want one so badly.. soon…. haha

    1. Thanks!!! I actually haven’t found it as difficult as I thought it would be to make the switch. It helps a lot that Jesse is doing it too. Plus both my mom and his mom have cut out most meat and dairy and they make a lot of vegan food (and feed us). I have never had a problem with my iron (I was vegetarian for a long time) but you should definitely keep an eye on it. Also if you are eating vegan for an extended period of time, you should take a B12 supplement as you can’t get it from a plant-based diet. Good luck with your vegan week!! … and maybe more?? I can’t wait to read your blog recap after!

  2. Great job Brie. Keep up the good work! I live in Arizona now. I want to do the rim to rim myself. You have had some amazing runs under your belt. WoW and you don’t like to run. I have slowed down on running at 67 have to save the knees.

    1. I didn’t used to like to run … but I do now! I enjoy running in groups and/or on the trails at a relaxed pace.

      I loved the Grand Canyon. You should definitely do the Rim to Rim or go camping in the canyon (I haven’t camped there but seems like it would be a really cool experience)!

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