Half Marathon Training – Week 6/16 Complete

I just completed week six of my half marathon training with a 14km run. I still have 10 more weeks to go before my first half marathon on September 29. Although I have been very busy and the weather has been very hot, I have been enjoying my runs and feeling a great sense of accomplishment whenever I increase my distance or speed.

I log my runs using Nike+ and have ran a total of 150km since I began my training on June 9. I’ve gradually increased my run distance from 5km to up to 14km and have begun to experiment with gels and sport gummies. I’ve also added a few new wardrobe and equipment items to my running gear: Nike+ GPS watch, Nike Free 5.0 runners, running shorts, and a Fuel Belt.

The Nike+ GPS watch allows me to log my runs and monitor my pace and distance while running. I find that I often settle into a slow comfortable pace without realizing it and the watch allows me to monitor how fast I am running and force to push myself to kick it up a notch. I try not to pay attention too much to time and distance, especially on longer runs when my goal is just to complete the distance. However, being able to see the distance I’ve covered is great when I haven’t mapped out my route ahead of time.

My Nike LunarGlides were a few years old so I decided to try the Nike Free runners. I really liked my LunarGlides, which have more support than the Nike Frees, and the two were great for rotating out every other run. Unfortunately I have since had to retire the LunarGlides. I’m not sure if Nike still makes them, but I would like to find another pair that are similar. I do enjoy my Nike Frees but I find they can be hard on my feet when getting near the end of a run.

I found a pair of Lululemon running shorts as well as a tank top on sale so I snatched them up! All I have to say is that Lulu sure knows how to make great athletic wear (although expensive)! I also love the small pockets that much of their clothing features.

Last but not least, my Fuel Belt! I feel like such a keener when I wear it, but it sure is nice having water on hot days and long runs. I find that it always rides up when I wear it so I inevitably end up with it around my natural waist, making me feel increasingly nerdy. I also like that it has a pocket for keys, gels, etc. but I wish the pocket were a little bigger (phone size).



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