Surrey Transportation Lecture Program

Thanks to Price Tags and the South Fraser Blog, two of the transportation and urban planning blogs I follow, I recently found out about the annual Surrey Transportation Lecture Program co-sponsored by SFU and the City of Surrey and promptly applied.

The course is described as a comprehensive introduction to transportation in the Lower Mainland with a particular focus on Surrey. It deals with roadway planning, the relationship between transportation and land use, and the operation and management of our transportation systems and aims to give citizens, professionals and other stakeholders an opportunity to learn more about transportation. The course consists of nine lectures and one field trip and includes speakers from TransLink, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Metro Vancouver, ICBC, the City of Surrey, and SFU.

I received my acceptance email yesterday and prompty registered. The cost was a measly $31.50 for residents of Surrey and $63.00 for non-residents of Surrey. The catch, however, is that you must provide a cheque for $100 which will only be cashed in the event that you fail to attend 80% of the classes.

The course begins on September 11. I’m weirdly excited.



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