Yoga Challenge COMPLETE!

When I signed up for my yoga challenge two months ago, I didn’t REALLY expect that I would complete it. Once I got into it though, I turned into my usual competitive self.

I yoga’ed through sickness (a cold) and health while working full time and (trying) to train for a half marathon. I even had to attend a class pretty well every day for the last two weeks to finish in time.

And guess what? I did it! I was one of only 13 people who completed the whole 30 classes.

Looking back, I have noticed significant progress both mentally and physically. Most notably, I find the heat is more tolerable, I am more flexible, and I am able to do more and push myself harder in class. I find that I am able to pay more attention to the details of the postures as well.

My determination and willpower have increased and my mind has been re-wired to ask myself “When will I do yoga today?” rather than just “Will I do yoga today?” I have even surprised myself by the number of 6AM classes I have crawled out of bed for at the crack of dawn (I am not a “morning person”).

I have also noticed benefits to my appearance. Even though my weight has plateaued, I look more toned and lean … and I feel unstoppable!!!

My challenge now is continuing to go to yoga on a regular basis … maybe not EVERY day, but three or four classes a week is a reasonable goal for me.


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