Kettle Bell & Cardio Kickboxing

This month I’ve been shaking up my cross-training now that my yoga studio offers kettle bell and cardio kickboxing classes. These two classes are about 35-40 minutes long and don’t require any gear – just athletic wear. You don’t even need to bring runners since both classes are done barefoot or in socks. This is really convenient when hitting up a class to or from work. 

The kettle bell classes require an introductory workshop prior to being able to drop in to the regular classes. The workshop teaches the proper technique to pick up a kettle bell and a few basic exercises. Since I haven’t lifted weights since high school gym class, I found it very beneficial. I also noticed an improvement in my posture after the first class.

I do not particularly enjoy lifting weights at the gym, but I know that it is beneficial for runners. As someone who does not know much about weight training, I like the direction, supervision, and energy that the class environment provides. It also forces me to push harder than I otherwise would on my own.

The cardio kickboxing classes involves constantly moving: bouncing, punching, kicking, and kneeing. In addition, it often includes combinations of squats, lunges, v-sits, sit-ups, planks and other intense exercises. It is an amazing work out packed into a short time and I always leave sweaty. This class compliments my marathon training by working on side-to-side movements and core strengthening.


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