Halfway through Marathon Training & Another Snowy Run

GUESS WHAT!? I am halfway through my marathon training program or in other words I have completed 9/18 weeks!

My 10th week of marathon training began with more snow. This time I was less delighted to be doing another long run in it … the novelty had worn off.

Thoughts of skipping the run plagued my mind but I forced myself to get out of bed and into the car. On the way to the Running Room the roads weren’t too bad but I noticed that few people had gotten up at the crack of dawn to shovel their sidewalks.

Lots of runners showed up for the marathon training group run. Our leader had been contemplating doing a longer run than was outlined in our training schedule but decided to stick to the 19 km route due to the added difficulty of running in snow.

The roads were wet and the sidewalks had a mixture of compacted and fresh snow. Every now and then I’d step in a slush puddle which would soak right through my shoes leaving my feet damp and cold. Once a car sprayed me with icy slush all up my legs.

We ran through parks where we met lots of dogs out playing in the snow and we also hit some good hills along the route. Even though it was lightly raining and my feet were soggy, the run was not as bad as I thought it would be.

After the run, a few of us warmed up with a coffee at a nearby Starbucks and chatted about races, medals, and other running stuff. I went home, ate, showered, went to the movie theatre and saw the Lego movie (which I loved), and then went for dinner. By the time I got home I was exhausted. It finally kicked in that I HAD RUN 19 KM EARLIER! Of course I would be tired! …

So I went to bed.


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