Long, Long Runs

The snow has long since gone and the last couple weekends have been wet ones. My long runs were 30k and 29k respectively which are the longest runs I’ve ever done. They were really tough!

The last week or two have been particularly difficult and I’ve been feeling exhausted. I have been skipping runs and my IT band on my left leg has been really stiff. Granted my last five runs were half marathon or greater distances so it’s not surprising that I feel a bit crappy.

I haven’t been going to yoga or other fitness classes lately. I keep telling myself it’s better to spend that time resting but deep down I know that yoga will make me feel energized and stronger. You’re probably thinking “Brie, you are exercising enough! You don’t need to do more!” But in actuality the more I run, the more I need to cross-train to reduce my chance of injury and to stretch out my muscles.

According to my clinic, I should be running 32 km this Sunday but my plans to go to Seattle with a few friends this weekend may throw a wrench into my training schedule. Even if my legs are up for it, I’m not sure that my mind will hold up for almost 3.5 to 4 hours of running alone.


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