Eat2Run KickStart Cleanse

Right before my marathon, I attended a talk by Sarah Cuff who is a marathoner, nutritionist, and founder of Eat2Run. She gave an overview of how to properly fuel your body during training as well as some guidelines on pre-race nutrition. She told us about her struggles to finish a sub-4 hour marathon and how a change in her diet allowed her to achieve her goal.

At this point I was less than a week away from my marathon and it was too late to make any changes to how I was eating. I did, however, resolve to try her KickStart Cleanse after my marathon was over. The cleanse consists of eating a specific meal plan of plant-based whole foods for 5 days and involves cutting out gluten, dairy, meat, eggs, soy, grains, legumes, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. The information can be purchased from the Eat2Run website for $47 and includes pre-cleanse guidelines, 5-day KickStart Cleanse guidelines, meal plans, recipes, a grocery list, an athletes option, and post-cleanse guidelines.

I ended up getting a cold the weekend after my marathon and taking a couple days off work the following week. Since I was sick and at home, I wasn’t having my morning (or afternoon) coffee so I decided that was a good time to start the pre-cleanse. During this time I stocked up on all the groceries that I would need for the 5-day cleanse. My fridge was brimming with fruits and vegetables!

On the morning of Wednesday, May 20, I woke up and officially began my cleanse! Although the recipes are simple and easy to follow, it was a quite time consuming to prepare the food: washing and cutting vegetables, making salad dressings and veggie dips, storing portions for lunches or snacks. I find that it is so easy to get into the habit of eating out or grabbing something quick to eat but that I appreciate the food way more when I’ve gone to the effort of preparing it myself.

I really enjoyed the recipes and I never felt depraved during the cleanse. I was actually surprised at how much food I was instructed to eat. I did find that the first couple days I would have strong cravings for snack foods when I arrived home from work. My body was crying out for bread and tortilla chips but I refused to give in. Each day, the cravings lessened each day and on the fourth day I went to a pub with some friends who all ordered  and ate delicious food right in front of me. I prepared myself by drinking a big smoothie on the drive there so at least I wouldn’t be hungry.

My main goal of the cleanse was to reset my system. I had gained a few pounds during marathon training (yes, it is not uncommon to gain weight while training for a marathon), I had gotten into a habit of eating whatever was quick and easy in between work and runs, and I was drinking too much coffee. Each morning I weighed myself and the progress I saw helped motivate me to continue. After the 5 days I lost approximately 4 pounds and was back to my pre-marathon weight. I also felt less lighter, less bloated, and very healthy.

Although it was difficult at times I enjoyed the whole process and, of course, the results of the cleanse. I recommend checking out the website and seeing if the KickStart Cleanse is for you. There are also lots of informative blog posts on nutrition and delicious recipes available for free!



I started running about three years ago. Until this time i had never considered myself a runner and actually hated running. I’m not sure what changed but i’m glad it did! I enjoy sharing my thoughts, training, and experiences through my blog and encouraging and supporting others in their running journeys.

Since becoming a runner, I have completed a handful of half marathons, three full marathons, and four ultra marathons. However, my biggest accomplishments have been running the Rim2Rim2Rim in the Grand Canyon and completing a seven-day, 250km stage race in the Alps. These were adventures of a lifetime and something I had never imagined that I would do even in my wildest dreams!

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