Tapering in Vegas!

What better way to taper than by being on vacation??

I joined my family for a last minute trip to Vegas to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  This was my third trip to Vegas and I was ready to relax poolside and enjoy the sun. As usual, I ended up traipsing all over the main strip. 

Although it was during my taper period, I still had a few runs to do in Vegas. I must have doubted my commitment to running when I was packing because I realized later that I had only brought two sets of workout clothes and had three runs to do. I figured 2 for 3 wasn’t too bad, all things considered. Plus what I lacked in running, I made up in walking … and then some!

The hotel I stayed at had a really nice gym complete with a handful of treadmills that had built in personal TVs. The first treadmill I used, I couldn’t figure out how to turn the TV on so rather than embarrassingly asking someone I listened to an audiobook on my iPhone. I later realized that the TV just didn’t work at all.

For my next run, I figured I’d use a treadmill that I knew the TV worked on. I brought my earphones and everything was working great, until ZAP! I got shocked through my earbuds – which is not a great feeling. Worried that my headphones were broken, I grabbed a pair of the complementary ones at the gym. ZAP! Those didn’t work either. After a couple more shocks, I gave up and listened to my audiobook again.  The treadmill still shocked me every time I touched something metal though. Why didn’t I just change treadmills, you ask? I hate resetting my stats. 

In addition to running, while I was in Vegas I ate delicious food (I even found a Mexican restaurant with a substantial vegan menu), introduced my family to the amazing P.F. Chang’s chain of restaurants (which they loved), drank some margaritas, walked along the strip as south as Mandalay Bay and as north as the Venetian, played some slots, visited the Shark Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, spent some time at the Vdara and Flamingo pools, wandered around a few malls (and bought a pair of shoes, a bikini, and a couple souvenirs), took photos of the Bellagio conservatory display, took a Deuce (get your mind out of the gutter – that’s the name of the bus, I shit you not) and went to Freemont Street.

My dad and I were planning on riding the New York New York roller coaster but unfortunately it was shut down due to high winds (it was REALLY windy).


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