Liquid (and Solid) Damage

Let me start off by saying I’ve had an amazing first half of the year. Highlights include running a half marathon in under 2 hours, training for and completing my first full marathon, and getting engaged to the love of my life.

This past week has taken a turn for the worse.

Incident #1

About a week ago I went to plug my phone and accidentally dropped the end of my charger in a glass of water for a split second. I needed to charge my phone because I use it as an alarm and I was about to go to bed so I dried off my charger and plugged it into my phone. Big mistake. There must have still been a bit of moisture inside which fried something in my phone resulting in it no longer being able to charge.

I took it to the Apple Store (which probably knows me by name now) and the lady helping me told me there was liquid damage and burn marks where the charger plugs into the phone. Fortunately they will replace damaged phones with the same model for $199 … not ideal but that could have been way worse. I didn’t have to pay full price for a new one or get locked into a contract with one of the several terrible and overpriced cell phone service providers this country offers. I waited almost a week before I sucked it up and just paid the money for a new phone.

Incident #2

After work that same day, I went home to my adorable chocolate lab, Hadley. I took her outside right away as she seemed very anxious to go do her business … and it was pretty nasty.

We went back inside and I noticed a terrible stench as I got near my bedroom. I knew that smell instantly … dog sh*t. I slowly and carefully walked into my bedroom. I figured it would be on the other side of the bed, between it and the window, where only Hadley goes. As I got part way around the bed I looked up from the floor and saw the stinky surprise Hadley had left RIGHT ON OUR BED. I was horrified and ran out of the room gagging. It was no ordinary poop. It was the BIGGEST dump I’ve ever seen AND it was runny (TMI, sorry)! Oh, the joys of dog ownership. To her credit, her track record was immaculate up until this incident. Even as a puppy she NEVER ONCE shat in the house. I knew she must have been feeling really awful to have done this … poor puppy.

Covering my face with a shirt to block the smell, I carefully took off the bed sheet and put it in a garbage bag. There was no saving it. Luckily we have a mattress cover (thanks mom!) which was salvageable with a thorough washing and some bleach. Then we dropped Hadley off at my parents house so she would have all-day access to a backyard for the next couple days.

Incident #3

This morning I was back at the Apple Store but this time with my laptop. It had an unfortunate run in with a cup of coffee and although the computer turns on, the screen remains black rendering it useless. I had bought Apple Care when I purchase my laptop but since it doesn’t cover liquid damage, an Apple Genius informed me it will cost $1,300 to fix it.

I now have to make a decision whether to fix my almost three-year-old laptop or purchase a new computer. I leaning towards the new computer option because I don’t want to spend much money fixing a computer that’s past its prime and has had coffee inside of it. Plus once Apple opens it up, they could find that more parts need repair.

Having to buy a new laptop, especially when I have just spent $200 on a new phone AND am saving up for a wedding, is a bit of a shock to the bank account. But it is an essential tool for my freelance design work. I’ve accepted this and I am moving on. There is nothing more I can do about it now except be more carefully next time.

And to put it in perspective, there are much worse things that happen to people every day. I read a post this morning that appeared in my Facebook newsfeed from someone I don’t know but must have been a friend of a friend. She had written an update about her husband and the father of her children who has been in a coma for a while and there is no certainty whether he will ever wake up. Suddenly a broken computer doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore.


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