Milestone: 2000 total km

I started using the Nike+ app at the start of 2010 to log my runs. At first I wasn’t running very far, very fast, or very consistently. I logged a whopping 20 runs totalling 57 km in 2010 followed by 4 runs totalling 13.6 km in 2011 and zero runs in 2012.



In May of 2013, I picked up running again. I had lost a few pounds and was surprised that I was able to run 5k more or less continuously. Having already done a 5k in 2008, I was looking for a 10k race to sign up for during the summer but I didn’t find any that would fit my schedule.

I ended up doing the Coho Run 14k the first weekend of September, the Surrey Half Marathon the last weekend of September, and the Vancouver Historic Half in November. All the training for these races resulted in a huge increase to 93 runs in 2013 totalling 648.6 km.


At the start of this year, I began 4 months of training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon. During this time I ran the Fort Langley Historic Half. After the marathon, I ran the SeaWheeze Half and the Night Race 10k which brings us to the present. So far I have completed 144 runs this year for an impressive 1288.7 km.

I’ve got the Vancouver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half coming up this weekend and I might sign up for another later this year. Can’t wait to see how many more km’s I can rack up before the year is done!!


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