Monthly Check-In: Goodbye November, Hello December

Monthly check-in blog post format courtesy of Jessica Lawlor. Be sure to check out her website!

In November, I …

1. Got an office! After my work moved to a larger office space down the hall, I managed to get myself a spot in one of the offices. Previously, I had been situated in the reception area. It’s not my own office – there’s currently two of us sharing the office with the possibility of a third person moving in if needed. But I love it! It’s also situated conveniently close to the kitchen (and coffee maker) and I’m right beside a big window.

2. Ran a half marathon in negative temperatures. I HATE being cold. I wear a giant down parka with a (fake) fur-lined hood for most of the fall/winter even though I live in Vancouver, known for it’s mild winters. I’m notorious for over-dressing when I go on runs, often sporting a jacket, toque, full-length pants, and gloves. On Sunday, November 30, I ran the Vancouver Historic Half along the waterfront in about -5 degrees (Celsius) weather. Every time I went from being in the sun to being in the shade it felt like a cold blanket was dropped over me. There were a few patches of ice on the ground, but were obvious and easy to avoid. I thought I had over-dressed as usual but it turns out I had worn the perfect outfit. I neither got too warm or too cool (until I stopped running). Despite the cold, the weather was beautiful – sunny and blue skies. And the mountains looked spectacular!

3. Registered for an ultramarathon! They say that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I’ve been following this motto since I signed up for my first half marathon before I could even run 10k. After finishing my half, I registered for my next challenge … a marathon. I completed the marathon in May and now it’s time to dream even bigger! I’ve registered for the Squamish 50k which takes place in August 2015. Will I be able to do it!? Only time will tell!!!


In December, I will …

1. Participate in the Runner’s World Run Streak. I successfully completed the winter run streak last year. I halfheartedly tried to do the spring run streak, but failed after accidentally forgetting to run one day. I’ve decided to take another crack at the winter one to keep me motivated to run through the crappy winter weather. The run streak goes from US Thanksgiving to New Years for a total of 36 days. To keep the streak going, you have to run at least one mile every day.

2. Clean out my closet. This week, I plan to go through all my clothes and donate anything I don’t wear anymore. I know I’ve got some good items that are taking up precious storage space in our small apartment and could be given to someone in need. Everybody wins!

3. Blog more! I was pretty quiet for all of November. I could use the excuse that I’ve been really busy, but I definitely have found time to watch Netflix. I’ll post a recap of the Vancouver Historic Half (now I’m really wishing I had stopped to take a few photos) and I’ve got some cool links I’ve collected over the past month to share. I’ll also post updates on my run streak (and try to remember to take some nice photos on my runs)!

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