Monthly Check-In: Goodbye December, Hello January

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Yeah, yeah, yeah … I know this is half a month late! Good thing my New Years resolution wasn’t to be more punctual with my blog posts or I’d have failed already.

In December, I …

1. Attempted the Runner’s World Run Streak. Unfortunately, I did not complete the winter run streak this year, however I did still run a lot! The run streak goes from US Thanksgiving to New Years for a total of 36 days. To keep the streak going, you have to run at least one mile every day. I made it to December and then on the 13th I just totally forgot to run. It went a bit downhill from there. In the end, I ran 21 times for a total of 119 km in December. I’d still call that a success!

2. Enjoyed some time off. I did a half day on Christmas Eve and then was off work until January 5. This gave me time to recuperate from all the eating, to power watch Gilmore Girls, and take (way too many) adorable photos of Hadley dog. Although I didn’t get a lot done, I did get to start off the New Year feeling rested and refreshed!

3. Found our wedding photographers! This had been one of the hardest decisions so far. There are so many fantastic photographers, but photography doesn’t come cheap! Trying to figure out how to get the best/most out of our modest budget was a huge headache. One photographer or two? 6 hours? 8 hours? 10 hours? And so on … Luckily, I ran into a family friend I hadn’t seen since we were kids, who happens to do wedding photography!!!


In January, I will …

1. Apply to be a Search and Rescue volunteer! This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and they are currently recruiting! I had a great conversation with a friend who has been in the organization for a number of years and talked to my work make sure they would be supportive of it. I’ve already submitted my application and was told I can expect to hear back at the end of the month (either way) regarding an interview. There are a lot of people who have applied and not very many spots, but I am really hoping they choose me!!!

2. Start marathon training again! The Running Room clinic targeting the BMO Vancouver Marathon starts immediately in the New Year. I’m not in the clinic but I plan to join them for some of their drop-in group runs and follow along on my own. Jesse’s been tagging along as well since we are both running a half in February.

3. Drink more smoothies. I find drinking a smoothie for breakfast is the easiest way for me to pack a bunch of good things into my diet. And since I don’t love eating salads, I can pack lots of leafy greens into them (usually spinach). I also add frozen berries or other fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, bananas, Vega protein powder (if I’ve been exercising a lot), and either water or almond milk. Sometimes I throw in coconut shreds, cacao nibs, medjool dates, and/or vanilla/mint extract. It’s a really great way to start off the day!

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