Back-to-Back Long Runs

Last weekend I did consecutive long runs for the first time. On Saturday, I ran my longest trail run yet, 19km, through beautiful trails in Squamish. The next day, I followed it up with a 17km road run.


I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like in Squamish so I wore a tank top as well as a long sleeve shirt. I also brought a light jacket but I didn’t think I would need it. I was wrong.

The drive up was beautiful. I rode in the back of a friend’s car and was able to just enjoy the sunrise and amazing views along the Sea-to-Sky Highway while listening to Jack Johnson.

When we arrived in Squamish the sunrise was casting a rich pink hue on the snowy mountain tops. I regret not taking a photo but I know it wouldn’t have done it justice anyway.

A group of about 20 runners gather at the pre-determined meeting spot and prepared for departure. It was a bit frigid out so I wore my light jacket and borrowed a pair of extra gloves (although I knew I wouldn’t need them for long). I laced up my trail runners and threw my hydration pack on.

Before starting off, we took the mandatory group selfie. It was exciting to run as part of such a large group of people, many of whom I had never met before.

The first 8km was mostly uphill with lots of switchbacks. It was tough but I felt good! I chatted with another young woman who was training for a 50k race. We had a similar amount of running experience and ran at a similar pace. There was a stretch of fairly steep downhill after, which was fun!

We hit a dirt road and a couple of us hung back to check in with the group behind us while we might have some reception. We carried on the rest of the route together, now separated from the faster group and unable to catch up. I constantly and annoyingly asked my friend “Are you sure we’re going the right way??” and he would reassure me that he knew where we were. And I knew he did. I had also loaded a map of the route onto my watch as a fail-safe.

Near the end of the route we came to a logging road that I, being super paranoid about safety and rules, was hesitant to run along. My friend convinced me that it was fine so I begrudgingly followed. We passed a couple other groups of walkers and bikers along the road which eased my worries and were soon back into park area.

It was a quick jaunt up road back to the parking lot. Most of the faster group had left already and it was about 15 minutes before the slower group showed up. We shared some snacks, changed into warm, dry clothes, and the our carpool headed back to the Lower Mainland after a customary stop at Starbucks.


I dragged Jesse out to our running group for a 16km run on Sunday. He was just getting over a cold and reluctantly agreed to come with me despite not feeling great. It was raining when we left home but luckily by the time we began our run it had more or less stopped.

Although I was feeling tired and a bit drained, surprisingly my muscles weren’t too sore from the previous day’s run. Jesse and I stayed towards the back of the pack and I made sure to stay hydrated and to eat some dried mangos and figs during walk breaks.

Our run ended up being 17km (an extra 1km) according to my GPS watch. I definitely felt the cumulative effect of the back-to-back runs with my muscles tightening and fatiguing during the final stretch.


Distance: 36km
Duration: 5.5 hours
Calories burned: 2000


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