Caffeine-free for over a week!

First off … I LOVE coffee.

I used to get one large, black coffee on my way to work which would basically sip on throughout my entire day. Then I started drinking it faster and needed an afternoon coffee as well. Then we started making pots of coffee at my office in the morning and afternoon most days.

So now I basically have a never ending stream of coffee at my disposal. It’s not even that I need the caffeine, it’s just that I love drinking it. It’s delicious! I don’t even care if it’s fresh or hot (although that’s definitely preferred). I will drink a cold pot of coffee that’s been sitting in the kitchen all day and still enjoy it.

When I started the Freshii juice cleanse, I cut out coffee cold turkey. Generally, you should try to cut it out before hand so your not going through caffeine withdrawal on top of significantly changing your diet. But I didn’t plan that far ahead.

I felt fairly tired during the juice cleanse, especially days 2 and 3 … but the NEXT day, after the cleanse was over, I felt great! Sure, it could have been because I was able to eat food again and consume a reasonable amount of calories, but I definitely thought that going off the caffeine had played a big part in it. I decided that I would stay off caffeine for a while and test my theory.

It’s been about a week and a half and so far I’ve been bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings (as much as anyone can be). I’ve been drinking decaf at work so I can still enjoy coffee.

Before early morning runs, I never used to drink coffee. I would be quiet, grumpy, and sleepy until I finally “woke up” after about a half hour into running. Last weekend I noticed that I was much more pleasant, happy, and social right from the start.

I think I might continue this experiment for a while long, although ultimately, I think my body just needs a break every now and then from the constant overload of caffeine.


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