Quick Trip to Harrison Hot Springs

After our 29k run on Sunday, Jesse and I drove up to Harrison to stay for a night at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort with his family. We checked in and checked out our lakeview room in the east wing. Then we changed into our swim suits, put on our robes, and headed down to the pools for a soak.

There are five hot-spring-fed mineral pools. The pool structures are man made and are located behind the hotel but the water is pumped in from natural hot springs nearby. Each pool is kept at different temperatures ranging from warm to very warm.

Spring Water Analysis (as per website)

Temperature of water at spring 145°F – 62.8°C
Temperature of spring pool 100°F – 38°C
Specific gravity of pool at springs 1.01

Grams per 10 liters at 60°F – 15.5°C

Potassium Chloride 1.722 grains 0.246 grams
Sodium Chloride 31.297 grains 4.506 grams
Magnesium Sulphate 0.148 grains 1.020 grams
Sodium Sulphate 33.061 grains 4.760 grams
Lime Sulphate 6.256 grains 0.900 grams
Iron Bicarbonate 4.634 grains 0.666 grams
Hydrogen Sulphurate 0.174 grains 0.024 grams

We met up with his family at the Old Settlers Pub, which sounds like it would be a dump (it even has “old” in the name), but actually looked like it should be in the touristy part of Whistler. The food was really good and, aside from our dejected waitress, the atmosphere was great!

Jesse and I went back to the hotel after exhausted from a long day. We flipped through TV channels and landed part way through a movie which I initially though was a horror but turns out it was a thriller/romance about a lady who had left her abusive husband to make a fresh start in a new town. It was pretty terrible.

We fell asleep early and woke up around 6:30am. The view from our room was beautiful. Knowing that Jesse’s family wouldn’t be ready for breakfast for a while, we went and had a “first breakfast” at the cafe. 

The outdoor hot springs opened at 8am but we snuck in a little early with a coffee. Apparently only old men are up at this time because a few joined us in the pool. One boldly attempted to read the newspaper but soon gave up.

We stayed in the hot springs for about an hour then got ready for second breakfast. It was a buffet of omelettes, pancakes, hashbrowns, cereal, toast, fruit salad, muffins … the works!

I partook in the fruit, hashbrowns, and pancakes. I don’t usually have pancakes, and especially not with whipped cream, as I try to eat vegan. But boy, were they delicious!

Jesse and I wandered around town after and checked out some of the shops. There was one neat one with wind chimes, decorations, and jewellery. Outside of it we met our new friend, the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch was a common theme in Harrison but I didn’t learn until later that it is because Harrison is the closest access to Sasquatch Provincial Park. I just thought everyone in the town was a little nuts.

We headed home, but not before checking out the old “Shining-esque” part of the hotel. Apparently it was used for a hospital during the war so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was haunted!


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