Vancouver Marathon Training – 29k

Wow! This round of training feels like it’s going by so fast! I can’t believe I am almost two and a half months into marathon training and getting to the LONG long runs.

I was dreading the 29k run last Sunday. I had missed the 26k run a couple weeks ago and had only ran as much as 22-ish kilometres since my marathon last spring. Even though I felt like I was in better shape than this time last year it was still a daunting jump.

The day before I had hiked up the Sea-to-Summit (via Wrinkle Rock) trail which was about 7 km and 835 m elevation gain. It was a fairly leisurely hike so I wasn’t sure if or how much it would effect my run.

Jesse came with me to the group run. A couple weeks prior he had done the 26k long run with them and figured he would try for 29k.

The group started off fast … A few of us lagged behind, wondering what happened to the “slow” part of the “long slow distance” run. But we had the route and were content to go at our own pace.

I ate dried mangoes, figs, and a Vega gel and made sure to drink water throughout the run. My legs felt good but I knew that it’s always the last few kilometres that are the hardest so I tried to moderate my optimism.

By about 23k, Jesse had had enough. Our route had been leading us back but when it took a detour to add in some distance, Jesse couldn’t bear the thought of running further away from the finish.

I kept going with the group and completed the 29k. I was definitely happy to stop but I wasn’t dying like I thought I would be. After stretching, we headed home to quickly shower, pack, and drive to the Harrison Hotsprings resort for a night. My legs were looking forward to a nice soak in the hot tubs!


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