Weekend Getaway to Kamloops

Last weekend, Jesse and I drove up to Kamloops to visit his cousin and his cousin’s wife. We took a half day from work/school but were delayed by an errand we had to run before leaving. We didn’t end up departing until about 4:30pm.

It took about 4 hours to drive to Kamloops via the Coquihalla with a stop in Merritt to re-caffeinate. There was a bit of traffic leaving the Fraser Valley but after that is it was clear sailing!

We arrived around 8:30pm at their beautiful house on the hill over looking the valley. After chowing down on some snacks we headed to bed.

Jesse’s cousin’s wife invited us to join the hot yoga class she taught in the morning and we of course accepted! We woke up early, drank some coffee, and headed down to her studio. It was a great class and really started our day off right! Exactly what I needed.

After an hour of sweating, we cleaned ourselves up, drank more coffee, and decided to go for a hike. We drove to a nearby frozen lake and walked along a beautiful but icy trail that looped around it with their dog in tow.

We had all worked up an appetite and so we headed over to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. They served us coffee with cinnamon in it, which I had never had before. It was amazing!! The food was delicious too and the portions were huge.

Our guides took us for a quick stop at Kamloops lake. They drove slowly by the mountain cliffs so we could look for bighorn sheep. After pretty well giving up, I happened to spot a huge group of them!

I also noticed a billboard for McDonalds which had a photo of an elderly couple in one of the restaurants with huge text across it that said something like, “We stopped to use the restrooms!” It was so weird …

That night we had we had tacos for dinner (because you can never have enough Mexican food) and watched a movie called the Homesman. It was described as a western featuring Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones.

Turns out, the first half hour was more of a horror movie with weird rape scenes, babies dying, a baby being purposely dropped down the outhouse, more death, crazy women, and bad husbands. And it didn’t get much better from either. It was such a bizarre, depressing, and confusing movie which somehow got really good reviews.

We couldn’t go to bed right after that movie or we all would’ve slept terribly so we flipped through the channels and found 22 Jump Street. We had missed the beginning but what we saw was freaking hilarious!! It ended up being a pretty late night.

The next day I was bagged so I just hung around the house and relaxed but the rest of the gang did some more sight seeing. Jesse and I drove home in the afternoon.


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  1. You totally skipped the part where Dean and I shined up the headlights with the random-orbit buffer! …It’s like you don’t even care 😉

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