100 Blog Posts!!!

Wow, it’s been a little over 2 years since my I wrote my first post on how I became a vegan. That was January 6, 2013. It’s now April 16, 2015 … and I am still going strong!

I am happy to announce that I hit a major milestone of 100 blog entries today when I published my post on the Squamish 50 30k Orientation Run. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and experiences on life, nutrition, and running and I’m looking forward to many more posts in the future!

You may have noticed a few changes recently. I haveΒ revampedΒ the design, have added BibRave Pro and SweatPinkΒ badges, and most exciting of all,Β haveΒ createdΒ a discountsΒ pageΒ where I have postedΒ promo codes forΒ races! I will continue to update these so check back regularly!

A big thank you toΒ those who actually read my ramblings!



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