Squamish 50 Orientation Run – 30k

In November, I registered for the Squamish 50k race to be held on August 23. Prior to the race, the organizers host four orientation runs (o-runs) to familiarize participants with the route. The cost of the o-runs is just $5, with most of it going to the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) who maintains the trails.

I previously attended the first o-run in March which was just under 23k. We had a huge group, beautiful weather, and lots of fun.

Last weekend I participated in the 30k o-run with a couple friends and a dog. At the start, there was the option to test run a pair of Salomon runners. For women, we had the option of trying the Speedcross 3 or the Sense Pro. Since I was already wearing the Speedcross 3, I tried the Sense Pro.

I’ve never been a huge fan of my Speedcross 3 trail runners. I think they are too wide for my feet and I find them a bit clunky compared the sleek road runners I’m used too.

After trying the Sense Pros, I’m not sure I can go back! They fit my feet like a glove and don’t have the clunky heel of the Speedcross 3. I unwillingly gave the shoes back at the 10k point and put mine on. The rest of the run I was cursing my shoes.

As soon as we had left the starting point (the Escape Route store), we were delayed by Lucydog taking a dump. We remained near the back of the pack for the rest of the run.

There was an aid station at 18k with oranges, chips, cookies, water, and pop. I helped myself to a bit of everything. Plain chips have never tasted so good!

We made it back to the store after five hours on the trail where more snacks and some free coffee tokens were waiting for us. This was by far my longest run ever duration-wise beating last year’s marathon by about 40 minutes. Although we were by no mean running fast, I still feel like that time on our feet counts for something!


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