Vancouver Marathon Training – 35k Long Run

On Good Friday, I met up with my road running group for what was scheduled to be a 29 km long run. My training for this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon has been a bit inconsistent with the marathon program and up until this point my longest run had been 29 km. The rest of the group had done at least one 32 km and a 35 km already.

This was my last real chance to do a 32-35 km run before the taper started. I didn’t admit that I wanted to add on some distance until we were about half way through the run … and even then tentatively. I wasn’t sure how I was going I feel at 29 km.

I canvased the group and found a couple people who were up for running 35 km. We left the group on the final stretch of their run and added on an extra loop at the end. I surprisingly felt pretty good considering I had just ran 35-freaking-kilometres. This restored some of my confidence. I feel like I’m ready to take on the marathon now!

I went into training for my second marathon with the goal of cutting my time from 4:20 to 4:00. Since then my priorities have changed and I have revised my goal to simply be to beat my time of 4:20 by a minute. But honestly I will be happy just finishing!

Below is a quick summary of this round of marathon training to-date, which started first thing in the new year. Only three weeks to go! …


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