Vancouver Marathon Training – Only 4 More Sleeps!

Say whaaaaaaat!? I can’t believe the BMO Vancouver Marathon is right around the corner! The past four months of training went by so quickly!

I originally had high expectations of running the marathon in under 4 hours this time around but I’ve since had a bit of a reality check. I’ve reflected on my somewhat sporadic training and lack of speed work and have revised my goal to just finish! It is only my second marathon after all! My secondary goals are: to finish it faster than last year’s time of 4 hours and 20 minutes; and to have fun! I felt terrible for the entire last half of the race last year, so if I feel better this time, I can at least take pride in knowing I’m a stronger, smarter runner now.

At the start of the year, I had planned to follow the Running Room marathon training program again but trail running, weekend trips, and life got in the way. Since January 1, I’ve ran a total of just under 700 km … which sounds like a lot! But the Running Room program totals about 900 km which means I only did about 78% of the planned mileage. This equates to a “B” letter grade according to Provincial high school guidelines. In terms of number of runs, I did roughly 60 out of a planned 90 runs (or 67%) as per the Running Room program. For this metric, I just scraped by with a “C+” letter grade. Let’s hope it’s enough!

I’d also like to note that I burned an estimated 42,985 calories! Holy sh*t! No wonder I eat so much …

Training summary (January 1 to April 28, 2015):



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