Brie & Jesse’s California AdVentura!

Throughout our relationship, Jesse’s and my most cherished moments centre around being outdoors whether it’s a picnic in the park, playing ukulele on the beach, running local roads and trails, or camping with friends.

We are getting married in September and have been strugging with planning our honeymoon. Should we do a big trip to an all-inclusive? Should we do a small weekend away right after our wedding and a bigger trip in a year? There are too many options … and since we both rarely go on vacation, we want to make it count!


As much as I like the sound of just relaxing on a beach somewhere … I really want to DO something! And Jesse is pretty much game for anything.

I told him I have the opportunity to run the Ventura Marathon as a BibRavePro and asked if he would be interested in driving down to California. Jesse got excited and told me he has always wanted to do a road trip down the coast. He also took a look at the race and said he would probably want to run the half!

We very preliminarily took a look and hotels and campsites and have started thinking about all the awesome things we can do on the trip, including visiting Oregon’s 7 Wonders.


Our trip is gets more and more perfect everytime we discuss it! Afterall, marriage will be one big adventure for us so why wouldn’t we make our honeymoon an adventure too!?

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  1. Make a stop in Seattle! Our summers are the best here! For outdoorsy/non-city places in Washington state … I would say Whidbey Island/Deception Pass, Shi Shi Beach on the coast (this is quite a long drive out there though, but beautiful), Mt. Rainier obviously. Have you guys been to Seattle (anywhere in Washington) before?

    Crater Lake is a must in Oregon! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kristen! I’ve been to Seattle (and a few outlets on the way) but that’s about it! I like to catch a ball game when I’m there. Crater Lake is already on our list! I’ll have to have to take a look at your other suggestions! 🙂

  2. How fun!!! I’d say come to Iowa, but that would be ridiculously boring!! I wish we lived closer so I could do photos for you *pro photographer here*

    1. Iowa is a little out of the way unfortunately haha! That would have been awesome to do photos with you though! 🙂

  3. Road trip+marathon as a honeymoon? Sounds like a great plan!! Scanning for a marathon near my anniversary date now… 😉

    1. It was great! Although I would have liked to have been more prepared training-wise going into the race! Other than that I wouldn’t have changed a thing 😉

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