Canadian Online Outdoor Equipment Retailers

I’m envious of the US for their access to online retailers with free or cheap shipping. Ordering from Canada usually screws you over due to exchanges rates, shipping costs, and customs often making the item go from a good deal to ridiculously expensive.

Some of this can be avoided by shipping to a US address immediately across the border. There are companies that specialize in this service and charge a small fee. But there is still the inconvenience of having to go pick it up, potential customs fees, plus potential returns would either be expensive and/or difficult.

I’ve found a few Canadian online retailers of sporting goods that provide awesome products, reasonable prices, fast shipping, and free or cheap returns.

The other wonderful thing about shopping online is the promo codes! Most of these sites offer discounts for signing up for their newsletters, as well as other frequent promotions.

I stumbled upon Altitude Sports when looking for a GPS watch I wanted for Christmas, the Ambit3 Peak with heartrate strap.  It is regularly priced at $550 but they offered a 20% off promo code for signing up for their newsletter. Often I find electronics are excluded from awesome promo codes like this, but not here! Furthermore, if you purchase a lifetime membership for $25, you get an additional 5% off and free returns. The discount ended up saving over $100.

Save 20% with promo code “INF20”

I haven’t actually ordered anything from Live Out There yet but it offers similar brands, pricing, and discounts as Altitude Sports. They provide free shipping and returns – no membership required.

Save 20% with promo code “NEW20”

The Last Hunt is a clearance site partnered with Altitude Sports. It sells huge discounts on quality outdoor clothing and equipment. As long as you don’t mind last season’s colours/models, this site will save you a ton of money! The only catch is they have a no exchanges/returns policy. Shipping is $10 to provinces for orders under $200 and free for orders over $200. Shipping is $20 to territories regardless of order amount.

I’ve placed a few orders on this site. The first one came quickly but the second time the product I ordered was out of stock. I received an apology email that included a discount code for my next order which more than made up for the inconvenience. I recently placed another order that is being shipped now!

Save 10% on orders over $50 with promo code “BISON” (expires June 7, 2015)

I first ordered from when I was looking for trail runners for Jesse. He wears size 15 shoes which hard to find and often don’t fit his narrow feet properly. Their website allows you to search by size and voila! … they had size 15 Brooks Cascadia 9s in stock! Since they have a free shipping and free returns policy, I decided to order them. On top of all that, I used a promo code to save 25%! As it turns out they fit great and Jesse kept them!

Save 15% with promo code “9to5” when you shop 9 to 5, Monday to Friday (expires May 31, 2015)

Save 20% on orders over $100 with promo code “SM20” (expires May 31, 2015)

Do you have any favourite online retailers for running and outdoor gear?



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