Monthly Check-In: Goodbye April, Hello May

Monthly check-in blog post format courtesy of Jessica Lawlor. Be sure to check out her website!

In April, I …

1. Became a BibRave Pro! This is an ambassador program for, a race review website and running community. As an such, some of the things I will be doing include spreading the word about BibRave, reviewing and live tweeting races, participating in their weekly #bibchat, trying and reviewing products/gear/swag, and promoting running in general!

2. Reached a milestone of 1000 followers on Twitter! I think I finally am getting the hang of this Twitter thing! Thanks everyone for the follows, favourites, and RTs. It’s been really great connecting with runners (and non-runners too) from all over the world!

3. Became a morning person … I think? If you know me, this is hard to believe. Until recently every morning I’d hit snooze on my alarm for up to an hour before dragging my sorry ass out of bed. Lately, I have woken up before my alarm even goes off and a few times this month I’ve even gone to the gym before work!


In May, I will …

1. Run my second ever marathon! I am running the BMO Vancouver Marathon again on May 3. I had high hopes of completing it in under 4 hours this time, but I don’t think that’s a realistic goal for me right now. My new plan is simple … just to finish it and have fun!

2. Blog more! I’ve been ramping up my blog posts and social media involvement and pan to continue the momentum. Stay tuned for weekly training summaries, gear reviews, and more!

3. Do an engagement photo session! Well it’s about time! We’ve been engaged for almost a year and have yet to have our engagement photos taken. Now that the weather is getting better, we’re finally going to make our photo shoot happen!

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  1. I love this format! Can I borrow it? I may wait until the end of May however!

    1. Of course! It’s great for reflecting on what’s behind and what’s ahead. And a good way to capture some of the non-running things that don’t always make it on the blog! I got the format from Jessica Lawlor’s website ( She has lots of great info on setting goals and “getting gutsy”!

  2. I’m a professional photographer so I am so glad you are getting those engagement photos done! Find yourself a REALLY good photographer!! It’s worth it!
    Good luck on getting up to work out in the morning. I am a night person and it’s very hard to change to mornings for me in the springtime. I also need to blog more. We have a lot of the same goals for May!

    1. That’s so cool you are a professional photographer! Must be an interesting job! We’ve found an amazing photography duo who is actually a childhood friend I ran into recently. Good luck on your goals! 🙂

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