SkirtSports #REALwomenmove Challenge!

SweatPink kicked off the SkirtSports #REALwomenmove Instagram challenge this week! Because I only ever half-read emails, I posted mine on Twitter, not Instagram … oops!

This past week, SweatPink and SkirtSports encouraged everyone to share photos all about how we move. What living an active life means to us, and how we stay healthy and motivate our friends, families, and communities to do the same.

What is #REALwomenmove?

“We are surrounded by messages of intimidation and exclusiveness in the world of fitness,” says Founder and CEO of Skirt Sports, Nicole DeBoom. “My goal with #REALwomenmove is to stop the madness and show women that being fit is something we can all do, regardless of our size, shape or activity level.”

Their questions and my answers!

Day 1: Monday

Get moving! Show us your favorite way to stay active. @fitapproach #REALwomenmove #sweatpink #skirtsports

Day 2: Tuesday Who’s your adventure buddy? Show us your #realwomenmove bestie. @fitapproach #REALwomenmove #sweatpink #skirtsports

Day 3: Wednesday
What’s your favorite outfit to get moving in? Bonus points for rocking your @SkirtSports gear! 😉 @fitapproach #REALwomenmove #sweatpink #skirtsports

Day 4: Thursday Who do you move for? Who’s your motivation, your biggest cheerleader, your rock? Shout ‘em out! @SkirtSports @fitapproach #REALwomenmove #sweatpink #skirtsports

Day 5: Friday
Pat yo’self on the back! What’s your proudest #REALwomenmove accomplishment? @fitapproach #sweatpink #skirtsports

Did you participate in the SkirtSports #REALwomenmove Challenge? What were some of your favourite answers?



  1. I’m guilty of half reading emails also. Congrats on your second marathon (I envy you for it because I’ve only completed a 5k so far).

    1. Thanks Dawn! I still think my first 5k was the hardest race I’ve ever done! It gets easier 🙂

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