Swan Falls Loop Trail Run

Last weekend was a long weekend here in beautiful British Columbia! Saturday I spent the day shopping for bridesmaids dresses with my bridesmaids so on Sunday it was time to hit the trails!

Friends and I joined another group who had planned a run up Mt. Beautiful via the Swan Lakes Loop near Buntzen Lake. There were 18 of us in total that ran the 20 km route with 1150 m elevation gain.



We went clockwise around the loop which meant we tackled most of the elevation gain within a 5 km stretch. This made for a big climb. The descent, which went through the “lakes district”, spanned a larger distance thus it was a more gradual grade.

I wore my new SeaWheeze shorts, new Salomon Sense Pro trail runners, and new Tiux compression socks. It turned out to be a very colourful outfit! One of my goals is to wear more colour, but I have to admit it was a bit overkill.


The Lululemon SeaWheeze shorts look like a cross between clown underwear and a bag of M&Ms … and I mean that in the best way possible! I really like them! I chose the tracker style rather than the speed style this year. The tracker shorts are a little longer and looser fitting than the speed, but still are pretty short shorts!

This was the first time out in my new Salomon Sense Pro trail runners. I had tried on a demo pair at one of the Squamish50 orientation runs and really loved them.


I found a discounted pair (last season’s colours) on TheLastHunt.com for $73 including taxes and shipping. The current versions are regularly priced at $130-140 (+tax). I’m not crazy about the blue and white colour but it was 50% off so I’ll get over it!

Last but not least, I tried out my new Tiux socks! I’ll save the review for it’s ownΒ post … but I will say that they are awesome!

Ok back to running …


Photo cred: Run Like A Girl

When we reached Eagle Peak, the sun was shining and the views were gorgeous! We hung around at the top for a while so I put a bit of sunscreen on my face. Our views were partially impeded by clouds but still amazing. A few of us deliberated over where the highest point on the mountain actually was.



The way back down felt long. My stomach was a little unsettled and I wasn’t eating as much as I usually do. We didn’t make it back to the parking lot until after 3pm meaning we were out for about 6 hours. I was starving!!!

We stopped for a Starbucks on the way home where I had my typical post-run soy latte. Later than night, Jesse and I went over to our friends’ place for a delicious vegan dinner featuring this cake. I ate a lot!!!




    1. What are you trying to imply!? Haha! No, I hadn’t heard of them but I just googled them now. Looks like a pair of Buffs for your ankles … I think I need knee-high ones! πŸ˜‰

      1. Well some girls are dirtier then others πŸ˜‰

        I think they make different sized ones. You might be able to get one that matches your M&M shorts!

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