Weekly Training Summary: May 11 to 17, 2015

Training this week was a bit of a let down. I was sick with a cold for most of the week and decided I better take it easy, after all I was still recovering from a marathon. I felt a lot better Friday and went for a short run near the ocean and rested up Saturday. By Sunday I was back to my old self and hit the trails with a big group for a 20 km trail run/hike with 1150 m elevation gain.


  • Nothing.


  • Lazy.


  • Blah.


  • Stretching.


  • Evening run – 7.5 km on road and trail.


  • Rest day.


  • Long run – 20 km trail run up and down a mountain.

Things have been pretty sporadic the past month. Next week I want to get back into a regular running schedule including lunch runs, shorter evening trail runs, and a couple longer runs on the weekend! I need to focus on hill climbs to prepare for Seek the Peak!


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