Monthly Check-In: Goodbye May, Hello June

Monthly check-in blog post format courtesy of Jessica Lawlor. Be sure to check out her website!

In May, I …

1. Received over 1000+ unique visitors to my blog! When I first began my blog, I had no idea what I was doing or what I would write about. I figured no one would read it, except my mom of course. It was just a sounding board for my stories, thoughts, and feelings but along the way it’s turned into something that’s actually connecting with people! My hope is that my posts give something back to viewers whether it’s motivation, inspiration, a new trail to try, or even just a few chuckles.

2. Started a newsletter! What better way is there to celebrate my expanding reach than by starting a newsletter? I sent out my very first one this morning and have got a great response already. If you are interested in receiving update on me and my blog, please subscribe!

3. Celebrated a my 2-year runniversary, hit a milestone of 3000 total km, and participated in my first trail race! It was a big month for running milestones although a relatively smaller month for total distance. I ran *only* 120 km, a third of which was my marathon on May 3. I’m looking forward to ramping the mileage up over the summer!

Check out our engagement photos by Two Peas Photography!


In June, I will …

1. Run 16 km up a mountain! I’m actually deeply regretting signing up for Seek the Peak. I feel totally unprepared. But if nothing else, it will be the kick in the pants I need to get into badass train running and hill training mode for Squamish 50 in August!

2. Send out wedding invitations! Oh right, I have a wedding to plan. It’s proving difficult to do with all this running stuff! With only three months until the big day it’s time to design and send out the official invitations!

3. Spend more time with my trail family! They’ve convinced me to sign up for some crazy things … now they have to make sure I’m ready to tackle these huge challenges! I can’t wait to spend more time on the trails taking selfies, sharing M&Ms, and climbing mountains with friends.

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  1. Congratulations on the trail race and hitting 1000 unique blog visitors!! That’s what I am striving for so I can apply to be a Fit Fluential ambassador!
    I’m so glad you had engagement photos done. They look amazing!

    1. Thanks!! I forgot that 1000 unique visitors meets a requirement for Fit Fluential ambassadors. It seemed so impossible way back when I read their application! I’ll have to look into it again!

  2. Congrats on that big milestone! 1,000 seems impossible at first and it’s so exciting to get there!

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