Puritan’s Pride Summer Series: Skin Care + Giveaway!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride. I received free products for the purpose of this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.

From May to July, I am participating in a summer series to test and review Puritan’s Pride products along with three other amazing ladies: Fitnessmomwinecountry, Fit Mama Love, and Confessions of a Mother Runner. Be sure to check out their awesome blogs!

We have a theme for each month. May was hair care, June is skin care, followed by “all things summer” in July. The skin care products we are reviewing for June are:

About me & my skin

My skin and I have never gotten along very well. Though it’s gradually improved over the years, my face is still very prone to breakouts. It’s also consistently blotchy. If I was stranded on a dessert island and could only choose one makeup item, it would be foundation to even my skin tone and cover up my blemishes.

Needless to say, I struggle to find moisturizers that won’t irritate my face. I am one of those combination skin types that is both super dry and super oily at the same freaking time! How is that even possible!? In addition, my hands are insanely dry during the colder months lasting about half a year. My knuckles will crack and bleed if not relentlessly lotioned. And my feet get dry from running and sweating. I lotion them almost every night before bed to keep them moisturized.

So yeah, I was pretty stoked to try out some new products!

Skin care products

Facial Moisturizers:
DMAE Cream,
Retinol Cream with Vitamin A &
Retinol Cream with Moroccan Argan Oil


DMAE Cream Price: 1 for $12.99, 3 for $19.47, or 5 for $25.95
Retinol Cream with Vitamin A Price: 1 for $11.99, 3 for $12.57, or 5 for $14.95
Retinol Cream with Moroccan Argan Oil Price: 1 for $16.99, 3 for $25.47, or 5 for $33.95

I used all three of these facial moisturizers over the past month with no adverse skin reactions. They all have a similar light texture and absorb quickly into the skin. I would be happy to continue to use any one of these products. However, if I had to pick a favourite, I’d choose the Retinol Creme with Moroccan Argan Oil. It was the least scented of the three and is fee of parabens , SLS, artificial colours, and artificial fragrances.

What is Retinol? (Source: PaulasChoice.com)

Retinol is just another name for vitamin A. Retinol is an extremely effective cell-communicating ingredient, which means it can literally connect to almost any skin cell and tell it to behave like a healthy, younger skin cell.

What is DMAE? (Source: Examine.com)

DMAE is a Choline molecule with one less methyl group, and has the ability to reduce build-up of the age pigmentation known as beta-amyloid. It is the active component of Centrophenoxine, or Lucidril, a pharmaceutical designed for cognitive health in the elderly.

Coenzyme Q-10 Creme


Price: 1 for $16.99, 3 for $25.47, or 5 for $33.95

First of all, this lotion smells amazing! It also feels silky soft and is not greasy at all. I’ve been using it mainly on my hands and legs and have even tried it on my face. The pump style bottle make it super quick and easy to use.

What is Coenzyme Q-10? (Source: University of Maryland Medical System)

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance that’s found naturally in the body and helps convert food into energy. CoQ10 is found in almost every cell in the body, and it is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants, such as CoQ10, can neutralize free radicals and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause.

Eye Cremes:
Age-Defying Antioxidant Eye Creme
& Hydrating Eye Creme

eyecremes Age-Defying Antioxidant Eye Creme Price: $17.49
Hydrating Eye Creme Price: $14.99

I’m fairly self-conscious of my “smile lines” so I love a good eye cream! I had high hopes for these two products … but I find that they are a bit greasy and I think they irritate my eyes a little. They aren’t all bad though! Both cremes are cruelty free, paraben free, and non-GMO. The Hydrating Eye Creme is fragrance free but the Age-Defying Antioxidant Eye Creme smells like a bar of soap.

Facial Cleansers:
Firming DMAE Cleanser
Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub


Firming DMAE Cleanser Price: $10.99
Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub Price: $7.49

Both these cleansers are paraben-free and cruelty-free! I’ve been using the Firming DMAE Cleanser as a daily cleanser and the Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub a few times a week to get rid of dry and dead skin cells. I find they are pretty gentle and cleanse without drying out my skin. I’m very happy with both products and they make a great combo!

Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask


I always forget how amazing a face mask feels! And this one is no exception! I never go for facials so this is the closest thing I get to a spa treatment. I really feel pampered when I actually have 10 minutes to apply a face mask and relax while it does its thing. Note: I can’t seem to find the product on the Puritan’s Pride website, but I will update the post with the link and price when I find it!

What is Manuka honey? (Source: Wikipedia.org)

Mānuka honey is a monofloral honey produced in New Zealand and Australia from the nectar of the mānuka tree. The honey is commonly sold as an alternative medicine. While a component found in Manuka honey has demonstrated antibacterial properties in vitro, there is no conclusive evidence of benefit in medical use and no evidence that the whole honey has any benefit.


Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many skin care products! I usually just buy one item at a time and use it until it runs out. It’s so nice to have options, especially for face cremes! Although I am running out of space in my tiny bathroom … I’m looking forward to maintaining my new skin care routine, but will probably ditch the eye cremes, or just use in moderation. I really enjoyed all the other products but if I had to pick a favourite, I think I would choose the Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub!


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