Weekend Adventures: June 20 & 21, 2015


I started off the weekend not feeling great. So instead of running, an injured friend and I met our usual group halfway through their Grouse to Deep Cove run and provided a mobile aid station! It had all the fixin’s … M&Ms, coconut cashews, dried fruit, and Ibuprofen!


It was nice to get up early and head out to the mountains but disappointing not to be out running them. Later that evening, Jesse wanted to go hike the BCMC trail up Grouse Mountain. Feeling guilty for lazing about all day, I reluctantly agreed to go.

We got up there before the gate closed. It was starting to cool off and the trees provided cover from the sun. Once I got going, I felt a lot better and actually enjoyed the hike.



I took about a thousand photos because everything looked so beautiful! I hadn’t been up this trail in a while and didn’t remember it being so steep. There were also lots of rocks and roots to make things interesting!

We cooled off quick at the top and were swarmed by flies and/or mosquitoes. After taking a couple photos of the beautiful view of Vancovuer, we headed back down. I’m sure the sunset would have looked amazing but it was hard to see through the dense trees.



When we reached the bottom, I was keeping an eye out for places to jump the fence since the gate would be locked for the night. And then I realized that it would be weird if it was locked from the inside … duh! So I tried the gate and of course, they don’t lock you IN the trail!


The next day, I had plans to do a “short trail run.” This turned into a four hour and 8.5 km hike/run on Seymour Mountain in the blistering heat … and it was amazing! Incidentally, I had worn my Seek the Peak shirt which turned out to be very appropriate for the occasion!  I had a wonderful time and met a new group of wonderful runners!


We started from the top parking lot for the Seymour Mountain ski hill so we started at a fairly high elevation. The route went along three peaks (although we sort of missed the very top of the first one) and involved a lot of steep up and down portions. The trails were really fun and technical. and required lots of grabbing on to rocks and roots, and scurrying up rock faces. It wasn’t very run-able (for me anyway), so it turned into more of a hike … with lots of photo ops. We had some seriously gorgeous views!



It was difficult to fit the 360 degree views into a traditional photo size so I took a lot of panoramas. It helped but still didn’t do it justice! I knew I lived in a beautiful place, but I don’t think I fully appreciated it until I was up here. You could see layers of seemingly endless mountains on the horizon, the whole Vancouver area, the Burrard Inlet harbour area full of ships, and lush, green forest and foliage all around. If it wasn’t for the relentless bugs, I could have stayed up there all day!



On our way back, we saw tons of hikers. It seems to be a very popular route and for good reason! We came across an 80-ish year old woman hiking in with her backpack and poles and stopped to chat with her for a moment. She said she moved a little slower due to all the years she carries on her back. We all were amazed by her and hoped that we will still be that active at that age!


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