Kat “like the animal”: A Guest Series

First of all I would like to thank Brie for bringing me on board to share about my experience re-joining the world of the active. It’s especially important, because as I understand it the first rule of running club is that you *must* talk about running club. The enthusiasm and passion that Brie has for running was a huge factor in my decision to join a 5K Running Room clinic in an attempt to finally drop the last 15 pounds of pregnancy weight (and the 10 pounds of candy weight before that, if we’re shooting for the stars).

In my early twenties (about 6-7 years ago now) I really loved running – trails, treadmills, tracks, whatever. I did about 10 k, 4-5 times a week for about a year. That level of activity has long been discarded in my life, but I really miss the feeling of comfort in my body and capability running gave me. There’s a certain ripple effect that comes from physically improving oneself in my experience; the more exercise I get, the better I want to eat and take care of my body. I have an admittedly terrible diet currently – sugar is its own food group, and caffeine gets a pretty significant shoutout. I am perpetually about to make big changes towards my diet and (lack of) exercise, but I am optimistic about the accountability associated with signing up for an actual clinic.

In all honesty, vanity is a major contributor to my motivation to get healthy. I don’t like the body I see in the mirror, and I’d like to change that. My husband and I have recently started trying for baby number two, and I want to be fitter this time around, too. The biggest goal for my new endeavor, however, is that I want my son and future children to grow up with a mum who can keep up with them and who sets a healthy example of how to care for your body.

This guest series will cover my experience of getting back to a higher level of physical activity and a more amateur view of running, as well as the previously described ripple effect. I’m currently facing my first run with the same apprehension as a Hunger Game contestant, but I know I’m going to love it once I’m going. Monday at 6:30 is go time!


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  1. It is really hard to get back into shape after having a baby. However when you pay the price it is sooo worth it. Glad you are getting back into running! Good luck trying for baby # 2

  2. getting back in shape is tough but it is obtainable.

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