November Project Vancouver: Say Hello to Bertha

HERE. WE. GO. Do you love free fitness, elevating other people to be awesome, and making the world a better place? Join the Vancouver November Project! We train every Wednesday morning at 6:29AM (rain or shine) with over 100 amazing people attending each week. For more information, check out my November Project Vancouver page and read my latest November Project posts.

This week’s workout fell on Christina’s birthday and I accidentally got her a very GIANT and cumbersome balloon! I didn’t realize it would be so big. We also loaded up our vehicle with two other people on the way there. It was a bit of a clown car!


We started with the usual jumping warm up while singing Thunderstruck huddled in a circle around Graham. We proceeded to do some warm up jogs, sprints, hand holding, skipping, and other such craziness.

I need to work on getting more air while skipping.

The main part of the workout (AKA “The Work”) was dubbed “Bertha.” It is shown on the map below in yellow. It involved a circuit of death drops (stepping off a small ledge, crouching to the ground, and then jumping with arms up in one fluid motion), tricep dips on a partners legs while they did a wall sit (and then switching), and bear crawls. It was tough but fun!

This workout was named "Bertha"
This workout was named “Bertha”

Obviously “The Work” wasn’t brutal enough because the “The Burnout” was KILLER! To quote Graham, “I wanted to make your legs feel like what Brie’s arms usually feel after,” … or something like that. Well, congratulations Graham, I will be hurting tomorrow! This three-person circuit is shown in blue on the map above.

Gary won the positivity award … finally! He has been an amazing supporter and recruiter for the November Project Vancouver. I’d like to point out that I was the one that recruited him (I think)!


Our next workout is at 6:29am on Wednesday, July 29 at Queen Elizabeth Park (by the conservatory)! Don’t forget to bring a plain shirt to get painted!

See you there!

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