November Project Vancouver: Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HERE. WE. GO. The Vancouver Pledge to become a part of the November Project tribe has begun! Do you love free fitness, elevating other people to be awesome, and making the world a better place? Join us! We train every Wednesday morning at 6:29AM (rain or shine) with over 100 amazing people attending each week. The best way to keep in touch is to join this Facebook community, check out my November Project Vancouver Pledge page, and read my latest November Project posts.

This week’s NP Pledge workout fell on Canada Day! How awesome is that!?

We all met at 6:29 near the conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park decked out in red and white. I brought my fiance, Jesse, out for his very first November Project experience! We picked up another avid NP-er who needed a ride and carpooled into Vancouver together.


There was excessive amounts of hugging, awkward hugging, and high fives. As a non-hugger, this was my “social workout” for the week. Then began the physical workout! We jumped, stomped, “hoistie!”-ed, ran, and crawled, burpee-ed, pushup-ed, and squatted.


It was great to see so many new faces join the group on Canada Day. After the workout, we made a tunnel with our arms and the newbies ran through it. Honestly, I could barely hold my arms up at that point! I knew that my arms would be sore the next day (as usual) and I was right! I’m also feeling it my glutes.

Winner of this week’s “Mountain Sexual” award!

The next NP Pledge workout is at 6:29am on Wednesday, July 8 at Queen Elizabeth Park (by the conservatory)! See you there!

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