November Project Vancouver: Introducing Cecilia, the Heart-breaker

HERE. WE. GO. Do you love free fitness, elevating other people to be awesome, and making the world a better place? Join the Vancouver November Project! We train every Wednesday morning at 6:29AM (rain or shine) with over 100 amazing people attending each week. The best way to keep in touch is to join this Facebook community, check out my November Project Vancouver page, and read my latest November Project posts.

I’ve recently had a few questions about what the November Project workouts entail. They follow a similar structure but they have never been the same, at least in my experience!

Today we started with the usual jumping warm up, huddled in a circle around Graham as he pumped us up. We also did wall sits with our backs against a partner while two other people did tricep dips on our legs (and then switched) and, of course, lots of introductions, hugs, and high fives.

The main part of the workout, or “The Work” as I believe it’s called, is shown on the map below in yellow. It involved a circuit of push ups (angled up using a bench), ski jumps up stairs, lunges (with arms up like a cactus), and “skull crushers” (step up with a high knee while pretending to grab someone’s head and smashing it into your knee all muay thai like). Oh yeah, and you had to yell “WE SERVE!” while you ran around the clock and tag the statue by the fountain before the skull crushers.

NP 2
This workout was named “Cecilia” because it breaks your heart 😉

Since The Work was particularly exhausting, Graham and Richard went easy on us for “The Burnout,” which is shown in blue on the map above. We only had to do 10 burpees and then run around the fountain. Sounds easy enough! But after I did the 10 burpees, I felt like I was running through mud. I can’t imagine doing 200 of them …

Mountain sexual award winner, Christina!

We took our usual group photo and I completely forgot to make the signature serious, badass face. So if you are looking for me, I’m the one grinning like an idiot.

The “mountain sexual” and positivity awards were given to a couple very deserving people. Christina proudly ran back downtown after the workout with her mountain sexual award!

I felt very badass in my outfit this morning, featuring my new NP t-shirt and my neon Tiux compression socks!

Our next workout is at 6:29am on Wednesday, July 22 at Queen Elizabeth Park (by the conservatory)! Don’t forget to bring a plain shirt to get painted!

See you there!

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