Puritan’s Pride Summer Series: All Things Summer + Giveaway!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride. I received free products for the purpose of this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.

From May to July, I am participating in a summer series to test and review Puritan’s Pride products along with three other amazing ladies: Fitnessmomwinecountry, Fit Mama Love, and Confessions of a Mother Runner. Be sure to check out their awesome blogs!

We have a theme for each month. May was hair care, followed by skin care in June and now “all things summer” in July. The summer products we are reviewing for July are:

About me & summer

I spend a lot of time outside exercising so I get a lot of sun! It is important to me to protect myself from harmful UV rays and counteract the damaging effects that summer has on my skin and hair. I do this by wearing a hat and short sleeves (rather than a tank top) during my long runs, wearing sunscreen (particularly on my face) any time I’m outside for more than 45 min to an hour, and keeping my skin and hair moisturized.

I have a few challenges when buying products for summer. Since I’m almost always exercising when I’m outside, I need to use sunscreen that will last despite excessive sweating. Also, my feet are usually in stinky runners for hours at a time sweating and rubbing so I like to give them a good moisturizing every night when I go to bed.

More recently, I have had a problem with tan lines! I can’t exactly wear a tube top when I’m running up mountains so I’ve been experimenting with getting rid of my already very distinct tan lines before I wear a strapless wedding dress in September! These issues will be discussed below.

“All things summer” products

Moroccan Argan Oil Moisturizing Body Wash and Body Lotion


Body Wash Price: 1 for $12.99, 3 for $19.47, or 5 for $25.95
Body Lotion Price: 1 for $12.99, 3 for $19.47, or 5 for $25.95

The Moroccan Argan oil body wash is amazing! We’ve already used it all up! The lotion is a really nice complement as well. They have a delicious, subtle scent. I’m also a sucker for anything with Moroccan Argan oil after falling I love with it during the May hair care review!

Perfectly Pure Shea Butter


Price: 1 for $22.99, 3 for $34.47, 5 for $45.95

I’ve used products before that have “Shea butter” in them but I never really know what it was, just that it was good for getting soft, moisturized skin! When I opened this bottle up, I thought that it was coconut oil at first. But then I looked at the ingredients and there is only one, Shea butter. It has a similar texture as coconut oil but is thicker. I definitely recommend trying it if you like natural products like the Moroccan Argan oil or coconut oil! 

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunless Tanner


Price: $7.99

I was really excited to test this product out! My experiences with self tanner are limited to the one time in high school that a few friends and I tried to fake tan our legs. Needless to say, it ended horribly.  

I’m not typically a fake tan person, and have never even been in a tanning bed. However, my wedding is coming up in just over a month and I have horrible tank top tan lines. I will be wearing a strapless dress and desperately want to fix this problem! 

I used this sunless tanner to fill in my white strap areas and also on my stomach and back, which haven’t seen much sun yet this summer. 

I was hesitant about how this would turn out but it actually worked surprisingly well! I’ve done this twice so far and it’s definitely made a big difference!

It’s really easy to use too. You just put it on like a lotion and leave it there! I didn’t even have any problems with it staining clothes! My friend recommended applying the sunless tanner with a makeup sponge which I will try next time. 

Desert Essence Lip Rescue


Price: $1.59 

 There’s not too much to say about this Chapstick. My lips have held up surprisingly well this summer but I do use lip protector on occasion. For $1.59 it’s a really good buy!

Desert Essence Coconut Shine & Refine Hair Lotion


Price: $5.99 

 If you’ve read my previous Puritan’s Pride reviews, you probably know how much I love anything that will make my hair less dry and scraggly! This shine & refine lotion is no exception! You can work it into your hair when it is wet of dry for some added moisturizing action!

Desert Essence Coconut Body Lotion


Price: $5.89 

 I can’t get over how great this lotion smells! I don’t usually love heavily fragranced products but this smells like piña coladas and reminds me of chillin’ in Las Vegas. It’s a thick lotion and very moisturizing but takes a little whe for skin to absorb. I used it on my legs this morning!

Babyganics Mineral-based Sunscreen

Price: $3.79

 I don’t have a baby (or any kids, for that matter) so I tried the Babyganics sunscreen out on myself. I absolutely love it! I haven’t got burned all summer and I’ve been outside A LOT! I’m usually gross and sweating buckets running trails for up to 8 hours at a time (although sometimes in shade) and still this sunscreen holds up.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen

Price: $7.59 

 The  Alba Botanical sunscreen is a slightly lower SPF than the Babyganics (45 as compared to 50). It does the trick but I definitely preferred the Babyganics one.


Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion

Price: 1 for $7.99, 3 for $11.97, 5 for $15.95 

 I expected the Aloe Vera lotion to be that weird green gel goop that you put on sunburns, but it wasn’t. It was a pretty typically white, runny lotion. I didn’t think it was anything special but nothing wrong with it either. I prefer the Desert Essence Body Lotion over the Aloe Vera lotion.

Lip Protector with Vitamin E

Price: 1 for $4.99, 3 for $7.47, 5 for $9.95 

 This lip protector is in the form on a tube of lipstick which makes for super easy application. I also feel like more of an adult using this fancy lipstick-style chapstick. It is plain but effective. A little more expensive that the Desert Essence Lip Rescue but feels like a quality product.


Wow, I’m surprised by how many products I loved in this batch! I’m hooked on the Desert Essence Coconut Shine & Refine Hair Lotion, Desert Essence Coconut Body Lotion, and Babyganics Mineral-based Sunscreen. And the Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunless Tanner had been a real lifesaver! 


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