Weekend Adventures: July 11 & 12, 2015


I had slopitch playoffs this past weekend which really threw a wrench in my running plans. Since a friend had to work around the same time as I had my first game, we decided to get an early run in and cheer on some friends who were running the popular Knee Knacker 30 miler.

We drove up to the Cypress aid station (right near the ski lodge and parking lot). The weather was perfect. It was cool and misty, bordering on rain. Our heat wave had ended in the nick of time, only a day before the race.


Since we were early we headed about a kilometre up the trail to meet our friends on the switchbacks. When the bulk of the runners started going by, we hung out on some rocks just off the trail and cheered the racers on. Once the crowd started to thin, we headed a little further up the trail “to keep warm.”

The temperature dropped significantly and it was raining. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for our friends to pass by. It only took a few minutes of standing still for our hands to freeze. After some high fives and hugs, we ran back down and drove over to the Cleveland Dam aid station.

Now THAT’S a drop bag!

The fast runners were already passing through the aid station when we arrived. We did a quick run around some of the nearby trails and then went back to wait for our friends. It wasn’t long before they ran through, stopping to refill water and restock from their drop bag.

We hit up some more trails in the Capilano Canyon for a combined total of 13 km. Then we drove home in time for our other commitments. I played two softball games later that day (won one and tied one).


I was surprisingly stiff Sunday morning but otherwise felt good. Our team played a slopitch game in the morning which we won. We moved on to the semi-finals but unfortunately lost that game. It was a nice day out so we hung around and had a few consolation beers. I left early for a birthday dinner.


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