Kat “like the animal” Week 3: New shoes, feeling jazzed, and tapping out!

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I’m a little late posting this week and while I’d like to blame Robbie, it has much more to do with the fundamental fiber of my being. I’m a procrastinator. I’m writing this right now instead of folding laundry. It’s who I am.

Anyways, the third week of my Running Room 5K Clinic was a tough one. Monday had one of the clinic “seminars” on how to buy proper running shoes. I was informed that running shoes have a general “life-span” of 8 months to a year, depending on usage, before the support materials begin to degrade and become obsolete. So my Nikes from 2011? Might as well be running in empty Kleenex boxes at this point.

It was actually kind of a relief to find out that something as simple as a shoe upgrade might help me avoid the knee and shin pain that sometimes accompanies running for me. To the dismay of my husband, this meant I had a great excuse to GO SHOPPING! I luuuuuuuuuuuuh shopping. I’ve tried on 3-4 pairs now and I’ve decided on a pair of acsics from Winners as my first pair back in the game. They feel much more “rigid” than my current shoes and I’m excited to see if they make a difference. I want to make sure I’m really committed before I drop $180 of [my husband’s] hard earned money on fancy shoes.

After our little shoe chat, we started our new program: 2 cycles of 10 minutes with 1 minute walking in between. I was pleasantly surprised by my capabilities. I wasn’t up with the fast kids (show offs), but I held my own and had a consistent pace. I left pretty jazzed up.

Wednesday run club was much harder for whatever reason. I managed to complete the challenge, but it was much harder than Monday. The first 10 minutes felt tough but manageable. The second set, however, was formidable. I spent the last 4 minutes whispering “I can do this!” and “Screw it I’ll just be fat!” in alternation. I did it though! I felt it everywhere, but I did it. I think it was due to the heat and not getting as much sleep due to Robbie’s teething. There, I managed to blame him for something after all.

Sunday morning took every ounce of willpower and self-shaming I possess to get out the door and arrive by 8.30 AM to run. I took Robbie Roo with me in the stroller and feigned enthusiasm relatively convincingly. There were just three of us from clinic there so I ended up running solo (we’ll I had Robbie, but he’s not much for motivating slogans).

I actually tapped out for the first time since I started running. At about minute 6 of the second set, I walked. I simply couldn’t make my legs go anymore. I ran again to catch up with the ladies, but certainly not enough to make up for it. It felt really discouraging and I thought I might cry – flashbacks of high school gym class.

I think it’s my body’s way of demanding I smarten up with my eating. Apparently, candy is not the foundation for a healthy and capable body. I’m trying to work a sustainable style of healthy eating in to my life, starting with cooking at home more. It certainly doesn’t hurt that hubby returned from his fishing trip with a bunch of salmon and halibut! It’s an ongoing effort; progress not perfection.

That about sums it up for this week! I’m sticking with it, even when it feels terrible. Having a group of people who will know if I quit reeeeeally helps me stay motivated, so, if you’re reading this, thanks for potentially judging my efforts and keeping me going.


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  1. I find the hardest part of running just getting out the door and the first 100 meters or so. After that it can go good or not so good but there is no turning back. The mind starts worrying about how the run is going and those other things that I might spend time thinking about slip away. Carry on.

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