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Disclosure: I received an Addaday Pro Massage Roller to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Addaday? Add-a-day. It’s fun to say, but what does it mean!? I still don’t know where the name came from but as my fiance exclaimed when I rolled out his back, “This will add-a-day to my LIFE!”

By the way, that is the first time he’s ever actually enjoyed a back massage I’ve given him. I’m a notoriously weak, lazy, and easily distracted masseuse. And to top it off, my massages are also few and far between. I’m clearly a real catch in this this department!

So what is an “Addaday” anyway?

To quote their website:

Long days, poorly-designed chairs, and poor posture all work to corrupt your alignment and stress your joints. Addaday’s scientifically-designed self massage sticks, foam rollers, bodywork balls, and flexible massage devices, all incorporate varied surface textures and shapes designed to release muscle and tendon adhesions, and provide a daily realignment of your joints.

Addaday products are also designed as self massage tools to improve the health and performance of athletes. As part of a daily recovery and health maintenance program athletes can now mimic the techniques used by physical therapists to speed recovery and eliminate muscle and tendon scarring and improve performance. The various tools offer a wide variety of massage techniques that have helped athletes relieve signs of IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, hamstring strains, shin splints, low back tightness and glute pain.

The Addaday Pro Massage Roller

I received an Addaday Pro Massage Roller to test out and review as a BibRave Pro. The Pro Massage Roller features both soft (blue/white) and medium (grey/blue) density Surface Skin Technology (SST) and also includes a pinpoint precision gear (red), which allows for a versatile massage.

I had seen the Addaday rollers before on social media, had heard really great reviews, and had hoped to one day try it out! I was pretty excited when it was delivered to my work after I came back from a lunchtime yoga session. Immediately, I popped the shipping tube open and broke it out!

At first, I found the Addaday a bit clumsy to use as I contorted into yoga like poses on the floor trying to figure out the best way to grind it into all of my sore muscles. The video tutorials on their website proved to be very helpful. I’ve found the roller most useful for getting those hard-to-reach areas like calves, hamstrings, glutes, and neck which can be a bit awkward to massage yourself, but it is also great for feet and quads.

The various gears allow for a deeper massage than I am able to do with my hands and require much less strength to get a good amount of pressure. I constantly struggle with tight hamstrings and lower back so the Addaday is a great tool for working some of that out!

Even though it is designed as a self-massage tool, I can’t stress enough how great it feels when someone else is rolling you out. So get your significant other, a friend, or whoever else you can convince, bribe, or blackmail to massage your calves, hamstrings, and back while you lie face down on a flat surface and let the Addaday work it’s magic!

I wish I had a more informative video for you, but only have a video of my silly chocolate lab, Hadley, tentatively approaching the Addaday.

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