Takin’ the Expo Line Home

IMG_4384A couple weeks ago, my friend Gary and I ran from Vancouver to Surrey along the SkyTrain via the Expo Line route. There is actually a somewhat-marked path that follows the SkyTrain alignment for the majority of the distance called the BC Parkway.

I’ve had difficulty finding a full map of the pathway but luckily the SkyTrain is hard to miss. We split off from the route a few times, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident, but always got back on track.

I figured since we pretty well we’re going from one end to the other, that we might as well hit ALL the stations. This meant starting at Waterfront and taking a small detour to Burrard before heading east to Granville and beyond.

We ran though four municipalities and over one bridge, which happened to be fully closed to vehicles due to a weird accident. A lady had driven into the centreline pylons sending them flying everywhere while playing bumper cars with the oncoming traffic eventually crashing into a concrete barrier. Amazingly no one was seriously injured.

When we made it to Surrey, Gary bailed out as his car was parked there and he had already ran in the morning. I figured I had come this far so I might as well hit up the last few stations. I carried on up the hill to Gateway, Surrey Central, and the terminus station, King George. The run was 31 km in total and took 4 hours and 13 minutes.

Waterfront Station

Burrard Station

Granville Station

Stadium-Chinatown Station

Main Street-Science World

Commercial-Broadway Station

Nanaimo Station

29th Avenue Station

Joyce-Collingwood Station

Patterson Station

Metrotown Station

Royal Oak Station

Edmonds Station

22nd Street Station

New Westminster Station

Columbia Station

Scott Road Station

Gateway Station

Surrey Central Station

King George Station


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  1. That’s an impressive run! So far I’ve only ran about 3km in one go… I’m trying to train for a half marathon. But I’m already getting burned out. I wish we had more interesting things to see in my area, like this!

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