Weekend Adventures: Summerhill Winery Wedding

Note: I’m a little behind on my posts! This is actually the weekend of July 25 & 26, 2015.


I knew I wouldn’t be running this weekend and to be honest, my body needed the break. So I decided I would get one last run in for the week by running part of the way home from work along the BC Parkway. The BC Parkway is a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly route parallel to the SkyTrain. I had only run as far as the Commercial-Broadway Station before.

I didn’t really feel like running after work but I went nonetheless. I had a goal of at least 10k in my mind but hoped that I would go further. In the end, I made it to Edmonds station for a total of 17 km.

The BC Parkway is very a handy commuting route. It could use a little more signage but it’s hard to get lost if you have a smartphone. I’d like to run the whole way sometime and might try to bike it one day too!


Jesse and I woke up early Saturday to drive up to Kelowna for a friend’s wedding. We left around 8:30am and got up there around 1:00pm, stopping for coffee on the way.

There was just enough time to check in at our B&B, grab a quick lunch, and get ourselves all pretty! The wedding was at Summerhill Winery which was just a one minute drive from where we stayed.

I had never been to Summerhill and was amazed when I saw the beautiful outdoor ceremony area overlooking vineyards and the lake. It was the perfect spot for a wedding and had been elegantly decorated with flowers and antique furniture.

The ceremony itself was full of love and to the point, my favourite kind! No one likes a ceremony that drags on forever. The bride looked stunning in her dress and there were lots of happy tears as the couple said their vows.

After the ceremony, everyone was invited for a tour of the winery while the family and wedding party took photos. It was an interesting tour and we got to go inside the Summerhill pyramid. However, the smell of the winery brought me back to the days I worked at a beer and wine store. I would be okay with never smelling the odour of alcohol breakage spilled on the floor repeatedly again.

We were seated precariously close to the dessert table at the reception, but showed great restraint until dinner was over. There were quite a few speeches but I was well fed and content. Jesse and I hit the dance floor for a few dances and spent some time on the deck enjoying the cool air and the view of the lake at night.

The party was still going strong when we left. It had been a long day of driving and rushing around so we headed back to the B&B for a good nights sleep.


Unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards for me. I woke up around 3am with my toe screaming in pain. Apparently my shoes he squished my toenail into the side of my big toe and it swelled up and was throbbing. There wasn’t much I could do. I didn’t have any Tylenol to ease the discomfort. I found some ice in the mini fridge which helped a bit.

I managed to drift off in short bursts of sleep only to wake up in great discomfort. It’s crazy how much such a little thing can hurt! At 8:00am, Jesse took me to a nearby grocery store that was finally open to get some pain killers and polysporin. That helped sooo much!

We had an amazing breakfast that the B&B owners prepared with french toast, fruit, coffee, yogurt, a couple different loafs and ate in their kitchen overlooking the lake. After that, we packed up and headed home, exhausted from an exciting but busy weekend!

P.S. My toe is fine now.


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