Weekly Training Summary: July 27 to August 2, 2015

I’ll be honest, this week sucked. And I felt like crap for most of it. My hip was really bugging me still and on Friday morning I nearly fainted on the SkyTrain – not sure why (over-training?). However, as of today I finally feel like I’m on the mend *knock on wood*!

I took Thursday and Friday off and then had to forgo a planned Saturday run of the epic Howe Sound Crest trail, much to my disappointment. It was supposed to be my last big weekend before Squamish50! And having missed running the weekend before due to an out-of-town wedding, this left me feeling less confident.

I also missed my goal of 300 km for July having only ran just over 250 km. I believe this is the most I’ve ever ran in a month though, so I’ll still consider that a win!


  • Lunch run – 4.2 km on road.


  • Rest day.



  • Rest day.


  • Rest day.


  • Rest day.


  • Morning run – 11.4 km on trail.

I’ve made a few exciting changes to help my hip/butt heel. I bought my first pair of Hoka’s to provide some extra cushioning on my runs and I am experimenting with standing while working my desk job. It’s only been one day but so far so good!

I’m looking forward to getting a long-ish run in on Thursday and another on Saturday before really tapering for my first ultra (less than 3 weeks away)!



  1. I’m glad the Hokas seem to be helping for you so far! I just started a new job today where I stand at a cash register for hours on end and the shoes I bought are NOT working. So time to go find me some other black shoes. Problem is, they must be black.
    Im sure that your time off from the running won’t hurt you too badly. I took 2 weeks off completely before my half and was fine.

    1. Yeah! I actually read a review where the person wore Hoka’s for work since they are standing all day! They come in pretty crazy colours though. There are a couple pairs that are black/grey but with bright pink accents.

      I think it’s my confidence that is suffering the most from the greatly reduced mileage the past couple weeks … gotta get my mojo back! Haha 🙂

  2. Training weeks and some injuryish feelings suck. You’ll be happy you took a week of rest so you can come back stronger next week though! Good vibes, lady!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Feeling much better now so excited to get a couple runs in this weekend before my taper! 🙂

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