7 things I love about Buffs!

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Last month I reviewed the UV Half Buff. This month in reviewing the original Buff – the style of Buff I have been wearing regularly for almost a year.

Buff sent me over an orange one with a bandana pattern on it for the review. It is a super bright, neon colour so obviously I loved it instantly! I’ve also got a UV Half Buff, a Squamish50 original Buff, a Run Like A Girl original Buff, and two plain black original Buffs, which I wear regularly, as well as a space print Polar Buff for the few really cold days we get in Vancouver.

Like most of the trail runners I know, I’ve developed a habit of wearing a Buff on every run. I most commonly wear it as a headband but on warm days, I’ll wear it on my wrist or arm to wipe up sweat or just to have it for when a Buff situation inevitably comes up! There are so many uses for them, here are a just few reasons why I always have one one hand …

1. They soak up sweat!

Last weekend I started out with my Buff on my wrist but it soon started to rain and my sweat began dripping into my eyes. I switched my Buff into headband mode and problem solved!

My Run Like A Girl Buff!

2. They are the best remedy for chaffing!

The Ventura Marathon on September 13 was super hot and humid and I was sweaty and dying. And to make matters worse my arm was chaffing before I had even made it to the halfway turn around! I had been wearing my Squamish50 Buff on my wrist so I took it off, looped it around my upper arm where the chaffing was, twisted it and tucked it under itself so it would stay. Sweet, sweet relief!


When BodyGlide didn’t cut it and moleskin wouldn’t stick to my sweaty skin, I used this technique on thigh chaffing during my first ultra marathon, the Squamish50!


3. You can show your team spirit with custom or matching Buffs!

My friends at Run Like A Girl have designed their own Buffs (for sale on their website) to promote their community and spread the love!


4. They make a great neck warmer!

I used my Buff while camping to keep my neck warm as crazy winds ripped tarps and flipped tents. I also wore compression socks because my legs were cold!


5. They’re great under hats!

I love wearing hats … but I hate having cold ears. Now I don’t have to choose between the two! I can wear a full Buff and a hat together comfortably! Great for running and spectating races!


6. They can add extra visibility when going on adventures!

I’d be lying if I said that part of the reason I wore my neon orange Buff on my rafting trip wasn’t to be more visible in case I went overboard! Also, the weather was doing crazy things and I thought it might come in handy.


7. They add a little mystery to your look!

Am I hungover, a famous celebrity incognito, or just wearing my Buff to hold my hair in place as I drive with my window down to California!? … I’ll never tell!


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  1. Awesome awesome faboo review – love it! Agree with every point!! Used my Buff as a neck warmer while freezing at Bard on the Beach on Sunday night!!

  2. #8:


    For real tho, I think I need to add a buff to my (limited) running equipment collection!

    1. Do it! They are great and so many fun colours/designs! I’m pretty sure you can get Survivor ones!

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