Kat “like the animal” Weeks 6 & 7: Taking a few days off, wanting to quit, but sticking with it!

First things first – CONGRATULATIONS BRIE AND JESSE! I missed last Sunday’s run in order to take an 8am ferry to attend their beautiful wedding. Anyone who knows how much I hate both mornings and ferries can extrapolate that data to see how much I adore Brie and Jesse. They are two perfectly suited partners; beautiful souls individually, and an amazing team together. It was an honor to be present on their special day.

The real MVP was the candy bar.

The last two weeks of running have had some major ups and downs. The novelty has worn off and I’m finding it harder to motivate myself. Knowing how much you guys would judge me for quitting really helps, so if you’re reading this, thanks a bunch for your scrutinize gaze! I finally got myself some real, adult running shoes! I spent 45 minutes at the Running Room trying on different models and finally settled on a pair of Brooks “Ghost” in a size 6.5, which surprised me. This was a big event as it marked the first time I’ve ever bought a shoe for what it can do over what it looks like. Maturity! I’ve honestly found a big difference in knee and shin pain (that is to say, lack thereof) since taking the plunge, so it was worth the cash.

Now about the actual running. Week 6 was 10/1 x 2 + 4. It was a fairly uneventful week, except that I knew I wasn’t going to make the Sunday run, so my husband and I took the baby and one of our dogs for a run on the Galloping Goose trail Saturday morning. The ripple effect in action! Family exercise! It was awesome except for the fact that I was hugely offended by Kevin’s ability to immediately keep up and run the same program I’d spent weeks building up to. What a jackass right? Then he had the audacity to be like “Babe, you’re doing such a great thing and don’t forget you had a baby less than a year ago!” Jerk. Unbelievable.

Week 7 had a rough start. I couldn’t go running Monday evening as Robbie had quite the tummy bug and it was a pretty horrifying situation requiring extra mummy time. He seriously smelled like the beach at low tide. Poor guy. Wednesday evening’s run club a rolled around and I realized that I hadn’t gone running in three full days – the longest break since starting. Suffice to say, it was obvious that my groove had been disrupted. It was brutal. I imagine it was like watching a gazelle try to escape after the lion has maimed but not killed it. I could barely run for two minutes at a time. I ended up walking most of the route alone and crying while telling Brie (& Becky & Chelsea) how awful I am on group text. It was a really terrible feeling. Everyone assured me that an “off” day is normal and not actually the end of the world, which sounded suspicious but I decided to accept.

After that debacle, I really, really wanted to quit. I didn’t want to go today because I felt really embarrassed that I had struggled so much. Nonetheless, I went. You know what? It went really well! I took Robbie Roo and I did 10/1 x 2 + 4/2/2. Progress! I’m really happy with it. The lesson I think I’ve taken away from it is that the way I talk to myself is pretty cruel. Shifting my perspective and expectations on my own performance is a huge challenge, but is going be a game changer. Onward and upward!



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