Weekend Adventures: Our Jack+Jill Stag(ette) at Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Jesse and I decided to do a jack and jill stag since he doesn’t drink and we like hanging out with all our friends together. We wanted to do a weekend trip and thought something like rafting would be a fun activity. We chose the weekend before our wedding so a good friend of mine who was flying in from Australia would be able to attend. My bridesmaids took over from there and planned an awesome weekend for us at the Kumsheen Rafting Resort.

My bridesmaids picked us up the Friday morning and we headed up to Lytton stopping for Starbucks and later Triple Os along the way. When we reached the resort, I could tell that Jesse would love it! The main building had arm chairs, board games, and some rustic decorations. I’m sure he could have spent an entire weekend in there just hanging out and relaxing.

The campground was open and had a great view of the canyon along the edges. Our friends all pitched in to get us teepee accommodations which was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a really cool experience. Jesse would live in one. It was super windy out so we helped our friends who were camping try to set up tarps and tents. It took a few tries but everyone managed to rig up some shelters (which would require ongoing maintenance due to the wind).

The next morning those that opted into the rafting trip departed. The weather was not great so we were given wet suits and jackets which we totally rocked. A bus took us to the starting point where our guide gave us a safety talk and a paddle. Off we went on a three-hour tour …

Jesse and I sat and the front of the raft and attempted to coordinate our paddling while the guide yelled out instructions at the back. The first rapids we went into were some of the biggest we saw. I had been rafting before so I knew what to expect but I was still a little nervous, especially being at the front. I had a little foot hold and was bracing myself as instructed but it felt like there wasn’t much keeping me in the boat!

It was so much fun and everyone seemed to have had a blast! We even were able to jump in the river and go through some smaller rapids out of the boat. Jesse and I bought forgot to time our breathing and ended up gasping for air between waves but it was a cool experience.

By the end of the rafting trip and the quick bus ride back to camp, I was getting cold. I hopped out of the bus, took my wet suit off, and jumped straight into the nearby hot tub! We had a couple drinks in there before heading back to the campsite. Then the party continued.

We went for dinner at the resort restaurant which had live music after. I hung around a while but the mellow singer was killing my buzz so some of us went back to the campsite. It was chilly out and we were bundled up in a covered picnic area unable to have a campfire due to fire bans. One by one our group thinned until it was just a handful of us left drinking and chatting. We had the brilliant idea to “sneak” into the hot tub at about 1AM. I was one of the final three before finally leaving the last two party-ers and going to bed.

The next morning we packed up and left, some of us more hungover than others. It was an awesome trip and I can’t thank my friends enough for making it so special!


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